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We live in a time where there is evil, pain and suffering all around us. This negativity gets channelized in a number of ways in our daily lives. Poverty, social evils, and economic differences are some of the causes for the misery of people.

However, while there are organizations solely dedicated to eradicating this misery, every once in a while someone comes to reduce their burden a little.

People who devote their lives to doing good for society and giving back to it. One such person is Mr. Anoop Khanna.

anup khanna dadi ki rasoi


Anoop Khanna is a resident of Noida who has started a venture to provide home-cooked food to as many people as possible. Khanna, a social activist provides people with Daal, Chaawal, Achar and Roti, Sabzi every day.

The food is sold to the people at a mere cost of Rs. 5.

anoop khanna dadi ki rasoi

Khanna puts up two stalls in Noida. One in sector 29 which functions from 9 am-11:30 am and the other in sector 17 from 12 pm- 2:30 pm.


He started this venture three years ago by the name of ‘Dadi Ki Rasoi’ with the aim of providing healthy, hearty meals to people from all walks of life.

Everyone from rickshaw wallahs to vendors to people on the streets can afford to eat from Dadi Ki Rasoi.

anoop khanna dadi ki rasoi

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WHY RS. 5?

Reportedly, when Khanna was asked that why he charges this nominal fee and does not give the food away for free, he said: “We could have attempted to provide the food for free as well but the reason for the price is that it gives dignity to a person who is buying the lunch, moreover since the cost is minimal, anyone can enjoy the meal without worrying for the cost”.

anoop khanna dadi ki rasoi


Khanna’s brainchild began with the seed amount of 30,000 rupees. His daily expenditure ranges from 2500-3000 rupees which generates enough food to feed 500 people a day on average.

The venture survives on donations from like-minded people, other residents and sponsors who contribute on a daily and monthly basis.

Other heroes like Khanna are Ankit Kawatra who started an organisation that aims to feed a large chunk of the population across India for a minimal cost.

It is extremely encouraging to see how ordinary people can do extraordinary things in the simplest of ways. Giving back to society is not only self-satisfying but is also a small step towards actually making a difference.

“It is not so difficult. It only takes a will of a person to start something like this”- Anoop Khanna

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Image Source: Google Images

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