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Marcus Browne; The “Man on a Mission” to Take Over The Instagram Space In 2020


Marcus Browne (@marcusbrowne1) is an Instagram influencer from Houston, Texas. Marcus is a young man that started from humble beginnings and explains that he always knew he would have a great influence and impact on the world. He states he was never too sure how it was going to manifest. “Through my life experiences I was always aware that I had a positive influence on the people close to me and the ones that looked up to me.”

Marcus Browne graduated college with a 3.6 GPA as a four-year college basketball athlete and Business Administration Major. “I always wanted and continue to want to be excellent at everything I put my mind to. I believe that is how I separated myself on the basketball court as well as in the classroom. I have an extreme focus at times, and I love to dream.”

Marcus Browne is the son of two British-American parents and credits his parents and the way they allowed him to dream big to be the reason for his quick and massive success. “My parents always supported anything I wanted to try and pursue, they always allowed me the space to speak confidently on ideas that would seem like a pipe dream to many. They always continued to assure me that I could accomplish anything with the power of my mind and a laser focus.” This is how Marcus chooses to approach the Instagram influencing space now.

As Marcus started posting pictures focusing on the Modeling space it is known that he became aware that he had a look and an influence that could help him make an impact and allow people to feel his energy through the content he posted. Marcus goes on to explain himself as a man of few words. “I am not the biggest talker, I’ve always been a better listener. I like to give people the platform to talk because I always figured I could learn more and understand people better by hearing their experiences.”

Marcus Browne has been able to generate a buzz on Instagram that has helped him cultivate a following of more than 200,000 people and has also helped him pull in thousands of likes on all his pictures. One can look at Marcus’ Instagram page and gain a grasp of his mystic but determined vibe. On all Marcus’ pictures he makes sure to finish all his captions with the acronym M.o.a.M (@moamofficial) standing for his brand “Man on a Mission”. This is a brand that Marcus has been building dating back to his late high school days. Marcus explains that the brand is something he truly embodies and wants to explain to the world that he believes everyone is on a mission and has a purpose to fulfill. ”I just always believed I’ve been on a mission and it’s helped me to be more determined and focus on things I want to accomplish and it truly is a brand that I embody in every sense of the name. I just want everyone to know that you are on a mission as well, whether that’s to be a great mother, a great father, or great friend, those are all missions and should be celebrated as such.”

Marcus Browne follows no one on Instagram and many people can see that as arrogant; However, Marcus goes on to explain that there is a method to his madness. “I believe in energy and focus so strongly that it just helps me personally not to worry about what others have going on, while being able to use Instagram as a platform to express my art and my genius.”  Marcus states that he does not want to find himself comparing his life to others so not following anyone makes the process easier for me. I truly love everyone; it’s never been an arrogant energy.” Marcus has been able to separate himself on Instagram by striking a model pose in very high quality pictures with a blurred out background, and this is an approach that is new to the Instagram space and has brought a new and refreshing energy. Marcus goes on to explain himself as a person that prides himself on being a good leader, a person that is ambitious and determined, but at the same time while being a fun, natural, and outgoing young man. “I like to believe I am genuine, I care, and I want to inspire. Inspire the entire world to be loving, positive, and great. I am a “Man on a Mission.”

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