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Rajub Bhowmik—The Father of Ayana Sangeet


They say that music is one of the most powerful tools that we have for communication and bringing people together. Often an excellent way to help us communicate and to bring out emotions to the fore, music lets us achieve so much. One musician making massive waves in the world of music, though, is that of Dr. Rajub Bhowmik. Bhowmik is a Law Enforcement professional as part of the New York Police Department’s counter-terrorism division.

Not only a dab hand at combatting threats to the public, Bhowmik also creates melodic music that is being picked up all across the world – including across music-loving Southeast Asia. A prolific writer of music, Bhowmik is the owner of a collection of more than 500 songs that cover everything from politics and love to philosophy and life after death. On top of this, he’s become a professional author showcasing his various works on poetry and beyond. Most impressive of all, though, is the development of his own brand of music – an entire genre of its own; Ayna Sangeet.

What is Ayna Sangeet?

Ayna Sangeet is a unique form of music. Known as the Mirror Song in some languages, the music has been dubbed as a ‘one-of-a-kind’ style. Indeed, some say it’s among the most unique music they have ever heard. Given music has played a part in centuries of human history, is it possible that in 2020 we’re still developing and discovering new genres of music?

The main way that Ayna Sangeet music stands out from the crowd is the simplicity of how it works. Songs are formulated using just 60 letters – a maximum of six lines per song, with each line making up around ten letters. However, six lines of song will become twelve as the song is the mirrored and song from both sides. So, a total Ayna Sangeet song will be 120 letters in length.

The style itself has become very popular and has been taken on by major musicians such as Bangladeshi star Nazmun Munira Nancy. The release of “Priotomo” is seen as the first ever release of a Ayna song. The music, composed by Rajan Saha, was created to help show the immense structure of Ayna Sangeet ad how it can such a major impact on music.

This varies from the classic French and/or Shakespearean sonnets that were so popular in previous history. With each line rhyming and read from both sides without issue, the entire musical structure makes for something far more symmetrical than we might be used to in our music today.

Ayna Sangeet offers the excellent way for us to work with sonnets in music in a way that simply was not managed before this came to be. Thanks to Bhowmik, musicians from all across the world can now start to experiment and work with all manner of different musical cultures – including the rich and strong Bangla literature in which so much music and culture stems from.

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