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We were barely done wishing each other a happy new year when 2020 started turning the world upside down. With locusts and COVID-19, the year was packed with so much darkness that #2020worstyear was once trending on Twitter.

But is 2020 really that bad, or are we ignoring the hidden good happening in the world?

Let’s see what our bloggers have to say about it.

Blogger Mitali’s Views

We are in the 8th month of this year, and with each month, 2020 has thrown something disastrous upon us. Have to say, 2020 is a bit shadowed with darkness.

2020 was supposed to be the year of flying cars, but here we are!

I made a new year resolution to be more socially active, little did I know that viruses, natural disasters and locusts, too, made the same resolution!

2020 greeted us with a tsunami of bad news and conflicts. The year started with Australia’s bushfire that killed a billion native animals and burned approximately 18.6 hectares of land. The heavy snowfall in Kashmir killed about 100 people. The tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter shocked the entire world. And this was just the beginning of this doomed year!

Of course, the invasion of the coronavirus was the main reason that 2020 was called cursed. But apart from COVID-19, 2020 had a ton of unfortunate events in its pocket. Take up any month, and 2020 will have something unfortunate to show you.

How 2020 Was Fateful For Each Individual

The disaster on the global level was massive and depressing, but the damage done on the individual level was also devastating.

According to the CMIE, the unemployment rate in December 2019 was 7.60 percent, and this number rose up to 23.52 percent in April 2020. This alarming rise shows the dramatic unemployment in India.

Some actors were seen pleading for donations to survive, others began selling vegetables. However, the unemployment rate came down to 7.9% in July.

According to the NaukriJobSpeak Index, hiring activities were reduced by a mark of 61% in May 2020 as compared to May 2019. Some students lost their jobs while some kept waiting for a response from their employers.

Not only has 2020 caused unemployment, but it also increased cases of domestic violence. A report by The Hindu states that 1477 complaints of domestic violence were registered between 25 March and 31 May.

In a nutshell, 2020 was a nightmare that came true, and we still have four months in the bucket!

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Blogger Yameena’s Views

If you think about it the other way round, then maybe 2020 is the year of introspection for humans to figure out where we all went wrong.

My stand on saying that 2020 is not a black year but a year of introspection is that this year has made us realize the importance of life, how selfish we all have been to mother earth, etc. Considering the same, there is a lot of good that happened this year as well which just can’t be ignored.

Nature Is Recovering

Clearly, humans were exploiting nature at an unmatched pace but due to the pandemic when humans were stuck inside, mother nature began recovering. The sky became clearer, the oxygen we breathe has become purer, birds are chirping, animals are undisturbed, pollution has decreased, eating exotic animals is getting banned, nature is surviving naturally without human intervention. All of this is not only beautiful but also was the need of the hour which is finally being fulfilled in 2020!

People Have More Time

The worldwide lockdown has brought a reduction in the workaholic culture and is allowing people to spend more time with themselves and their families. Old people are having the time of their life by having the young generation around them. Families are getting more closely knitted and are able to dedicate more time to each other. This time has taught us the importance of having our loved ones around us and how suffering feels lesser when shared with family. 

Apart from that, it has been reported that employees working from home have shown a 65% increase in their overall productivity which has helped businesses change their cutting edge policies and adapt to a healthier office environment.

Lessons Learnt The Hard Way

2020 is indeed a year of learning for humans. This year has turned out to be an eye-opener for all of us and has made us realize the importance of little things in life. The year also taught us to be grateful for all the things we have and to look for the best in the worst situation. Not only this, but this year has also tried to break down the stigma around mental health and is teaching us that being mentally healthy should be a priority.

There are so many things 2020 has taught us that one cannot just list it down in one go. But still, labelling the year as the worst one is irrational and one needs to rethink the same.

What do you think about this year? Tell us in the comment section below.

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