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Leading a Team to Success: Kevin Macri and His Social Media Business Development


Entrepreneurship not only allows you to keep growing. It also allows you to develop the ability to lead others on the path to this same purpose. Planned or unplanned, an entrepreneur often becomes a leader and a point of reference for those who work alongside him or even those who wish to follow in his footsteps.

From Kevin Macri’s experience, entrepreneurship has allowed him to lead a team of over 50 people on the road to success. His development as a digital marketing expert at only 23 years of age has made him an obligatory reference. But it has also led him to work hand in hand with other people with the common goal of achieving successful results.

Kevin had always thought about becoming a recognized entrepreneur. And since he had the opportunity, he started working on finding his purpose. In 2017 he moved from Uruguay to Argentina, where he began to chart a course in the digital environment. Starting as YouTuber, being part of a very well known team in the country, he had the opportunity to travel to different places as part of this team.

Later, taking advantage of the connection with people and the influx of the digital environment, Kevin started in the digital marketing and social network management environment. Although he started alone, he soon built a team that he works with daily.

Consolidating not only his ideas but also a system of working with this team, representing a priority for Kevin, as he assures that this is an important part of achieving success.

Guarantees Maximum Performance

A strong team must stay focused on common goals. Maintaining maximum performance is everyone’s job, however, as a leader, you must be the most motivated and guide everyone on the road to success.

Kevin stresses that building a team is a real challenge. Not only are the people you will work with, but they are also people you will grow with over time. That’s why maintaining the commitment and performance of each one becomes a transcendental aspect.

For this young entrepreneur, growth is strongly determined by the development of the team. Therefore, making sure that everyone is focused, enthusiastic, and directed towards achieving the common objectives is the best way to progress in the search for results.

It Generates Loyalty and Trust

A leader must not only motivate work, but also loyalty and motivation. When it comes to growth, these two elements are also an essential part of the journey. Trusting the potential of your team and their loyalty, and having them trust you, is indispensable.

In difficult times, such as the recent ones caused by the pandemic, Kevin’s business growth is a challenge. However, maintaining the trust and loyalty of the team in all the uncertainty has kept everyone committed to moving the company forward. To work harder and to exceed the goals that have been set.

This is achieved with the right leadership to maintain the stability of the team even when difficulties have arisen along the way. 

It Generates Responsibility and Dedication

The best way to generate these elements within a team is through example. That, besides, allows them to maintain them motivated. A leader will not only remain focused on the objectives. He or she will also be an example of dedication and effort for the team.

At 23 years old, Kevin is a reference not only for the team he manages but for many other young people who wish to undertake in the digital environment. This is mainly due to his ability to create opportunities, innovate, and maintain a strong presence of his brand in social networks.

But also, it is because he is a dedicated person, determined to achieve his purposes, focused completely on his goal. This has taken him very far and, growing importantly.

All these elements have contributed favorably to his career. However, for this young man, it is only the beginning of a long road ahead, in which he hopes to become a successful businessman with international projection.       

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