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I am a book lover and whenever I sit down to read a book, I find myself at peace. My otherwise unorganized and busy life settles into a state of calmness which gives me time to regroup and think with a clearer mind.

Usually, when I talk about books, I am encountered by a question. People tend to quiz me on my choices, asking me the reason behind my prioritization of books over people. My standard answer to them is always that I feel comfortable with books and seldom with people.

Books are one of the pillars of my survival and their bitter-sweet characters always find their way to soothe and comfort me.

I feel safer and more at home with books for the following reasons:

Books Never Leave You Alone

A reader gets attached to the characters of the books. The characters stay with you till the end of the story, narrating their story with complete disclosure.

They spill their life-stories and relate with you, giving you advice for your life without making you divulge in them. And though it feels bad to part with the characters and story you love, you can always go back to them and they will welcome you with open arms.

They are like old best-friends who may not talk to you often but they’ll always be there for you.

Unlike people, they don’t fake connections and don’t indulge in meaningless small talk with you. Rather, they enlighten you and accompany you throughout your life with sweet quotes and memories.

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Books Are Smarter

I have no shame in saying that fictional characters are way smarter than most of the population inhabiting this planet.

I didn’t mean to demean anyone but the characters of the novels are curated in a manner to connect with the reader and make them feel as if they are watching the entire story move in front of their eyes.

If the characters aren’t smart and come across as dumb, the reader would not be interested to go ahead with the reading. This is what no author wants!

Also, while reading a book, the reader can be himself and he doesn’t need to worry about the judgmental thoughts of others.

The conversation that takes place in the mind of the reader is just between him and the character and no one else is privy to it. This helps readers, like me, to vent out pent-up stress and prickling thoughts.

Books Let You Live A New Life Each Day

It won’t be wrong to say that while reading a book, the reader gets to live the life of the characters. He closely witnesses the scenes and peeks into the psyche of the character, as if he was the one playing that role.

It helps the reader to go through adventures which a mundane life is unable to provide. These adventures would be possibly risky and scary in real life but when in a book, we are aware that the ending would be a happy one.

The beauty of novels is that they are mostly fiction. Whatever you live will not be repeated in real life. So, it becomes a win-win situation for all.

These are some of the reasons which I could think of. There are various other causes which draw me to new books and unknown authors every day.

Books have always been an inseparable companion for me and many other bibliophiles like me. So even if the human race plans to uncover its cruel face, books will always be there by our side to comfort us and put a smile on our face.

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