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If you are a Bollywood fanatic, then you must have noticed its obsession with “passion”. I can name so many movies that show the lead actor stuck in his 9-5 job. He follows the same routine every day and then quits it all in the quest to follow his passion.

Bollywood movies like Tamasha, Wake Up Sid, etc. brainwash the audience into thinking that everyone must find a passion to be happy, which is absolutely not true!

While these movies fill many with joy and confidence that they can do the same fearlessly, the story is a little different for a few people like me. We are left with tons of insecurities because, well, we do not have a passion, or at least we do not know yet if we have one.

Life Of A Person With No Passion

In interviews when recruiters ask us what we are passionate about, we end up awkwardly smiling and narrating a scripted answer that we have prepared for this very occasion. No other question hurts more than this one and you will relate with this if you are like me.

For us, the most dreaded question in interviews is “what are you passionate about”

We see our friends following their passion for dancing, singing, theatre, photographing, etc. and while we cheer for them, we end up feeling poignant for ourselves. We try multiple things hoping that one of them would get us closer to finding a passion, but our heart sinks every time when nothing works.

Our close friends try to cheer us up by saying that we will find it along the way, but no one says that it is okay to not have one.

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Is Finding Passion Really So Important?

No (in my opinion at least)! Surprisingly, most people do not have one and a few others are just making up the answer because of societal pressure. Over the years, I have met many such people and it makes me question the idea of compulsorily having it.

Coming across tons of interviews, articles, videos that preach the importance of finding a passion makes me question why it is so necessary to have one anyway

90% of the people around me are working in jobs and studying courses that do not necessarily drive them. But this does not mean that they are unhappy. They are doing what they are best at, albeit it does not excite them.

Having witnessed it all, I have decided to embrace the fact that I am indeed passion-less. Not having one neither makes me sad nor am I plunging into depression.

Not having passion is okay as long as you know your purpose

So give yourself a loud cheer and join the club if you do not have a passion. One day, we will also go to a TEDx as a speaker and talk about how it is okay to not have one.

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