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When the lockdown came into force, there was a flood of memes online about how this will be a paradise for introverts.

But all those memes couldn’t be more wrong.

The thing about a lockdown is you’re stuck at home with other people and that is not an ideal situation for an introvert.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and all, but after a month of seeing nobody else other than your family, you start going insane.

When you’re stuck indoors, you, like me, might have the misfortune of being trapped with extroverts and ambiverts. And do you know what they do?

They call everyone they’ve ever known in their lifetime. What happens next will not surprise you.

That’s right, the dreaded phone gets handed over to me so I can fumble a few insincere words into the phone to talk to a relative who I didn’t know existed before that very second.

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Introverts like structure

Unannounced calls are the opposite of structure.

In the lockdown era, everyone is always calling each other.

I seriously don’t understand what joy people get from spending 30 minutes saying ‘sunayee de raha hai?’ and following that up with looking blankly into the screen into the cold dead eyes of your friends.

The worst part is you never know when and how the attack will come.

By the virtue of Google Duo, Meet, WhatsApp, Skype and of course our relatively new enemy, Zoom, the possibilities of an ambush are endless.

Excuses have dried up 

Earlier, if a friend asks me to go somewhere I don’t want to go, I could smile and say “My mom said no,” and that would be the end of the discussion.

But now, there is no escape.

When the Zoom invite shows up on WhatsApp, there is no choice but to join because unfortunately, “I’m sorry I can’t come because I couldn’t care less” is not socially appropriate.

So, to those who think introverts are enjoying this time, trust me that is not the case.

I am hoping, just like the whole planet, that this pandemic ends quickly so these deranged social butterflies go back to their natural habitats and get high off social interaction, leaving the rest of us to relish the comfort of alone time again.

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