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The life of an introvert is completely different from an extrovert. As an ambivert myself, I can say I understand both the worlds. How an introvert feels not being able to easily mingle with new people as well as not shutting up like an extrovert once I get to know them.

Introverts are known to be a little reserved as compared to other individuals. This leads to people believing that introverts suffer from a lack of amusement. But this is far from true, introverts have their own way of enjoying their lives.

We found this interesting thread on Quora where people gave their opinion as to how introverts have fun.

The original question says: How do introverts enjoy life? This answer combined a lot of the answers on the thread to best describe how life is for introverts.

Introverts can feel different to extroverts in social interactions and spaces. Whilst social interaction can be taxing, introverts find pleasure and enjoyment in private spaces with their own thoughts and activities.

Where’s the love for the introverts?


There are a few recurring areas that you might’ve picked up in the other answers. The first one is around social events; as Tejasvita Apte shares: an introvert doesn’t fear social interaction. But that doesn’t mean that social interactions are always smooth sailing.

To the common person, a social event feels a bit like this…

quora1To an extrovert, this might feel like:

quora2An introvert might also feel like this at times but there’s more going on, and it can be taxing. Anna Butler sums it up as: “I need alone time to both prepare and recover from high levels of social engagement. There is some evidence to suggest that this is because introverts are more sensitive to external stimulation, so too much can be overwhelming if we’re not prepared for it.”

This means that often for an introvert, a social event with a lot of people, or an event that runs at high-energy for some time, this can feel like:


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The second part is around spaces to withdraw and recharge. Snehaa Dodle‘s answer shares a beautiful comment, which really encapsulates this topic. Here it is, with my paraphrasing:

My room is my universe… I don’t always need to venture out to have fun.

Does that resonate with you? Try this… Imagine that you’re spending a few hours in your bedroom. Can you visualise it? To help, here’s a typical bedroom, with a bed and shelves:

I’m sure that you’ve experienced this. If you’re an extrovert, stuck in your room without someone to talk to, it could feel like…

quora5To an introvert, it’s more likely to be their own quiet space, a little place to clear time and take pleasure in an activity. These activities don’t have to involve other people, and that doesn’t take anything away from the enjoyment.


As you can deduce yourself, life is far from a bore for introverts. They have their own little world which gives them as much, if not more, happiness as people get from large-scale social interaction.

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  1. Introverts are my kinds of people and not extroverts. As for all those introvert haters out there, they can just suck it.


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