Everyone goes through a lot in his college life. If I had a penny for every time I get frustrated by the shenanigans of college life, I’d try my luck in the share market.

There are probably dozens and thousands of movies made on college life or high school life. Some get a lot of traction and some go unnoticed.

Among the unnoticed ones is this movie called The Breakfast Club.

The characters of this movie are relatable af. There’s an introvert whose ultimate aim is to achieve good marks, because parental pressure, duh! Followed by a kleptomaniac girl who claims to be a compulsive liar. Then there’s this badass, daring, fears-no-one-and-dresses-like-a-freak guy who likes to break rules.

And there’s this girl, Claire. She’s a princess. No no, not the actual princess neither the metaphorical. She’s a pretentious princess, the elite girl who talks to selected people but is admired by all. Don’t we all know one such goody good gal?

These five students are specially made to attend school on a Saturday to go through detention as a punishment for some mischievous acts they did, individually, not as a group.

The reason why I found this ancient movie relatable and potentially able is that this movie portrays, in symbolism, of course, the importance of self-awareness and how issues can simply be resolved by talking to each other and accepting your flaws.

Each character in the movie is going through their individual stuff. All have been through tough days and have been treated like shit by their peers. Yet they continue to live. One of them even thought of shooting himself. Others pacify him by making him laugh.

None of them belong to the same social group, and that is the foremost reason for them not ever talking to each other before this detention. In the course of the detention, they bond with each other in a very clumsy, awkward yet adventurous manner.

The dialogues in this movie are golden. GOLDEN AF.

Here are a few:

Family issues?

Existential crisis hitting asap

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Are you a virgin? or are you a slut?

Relatable to every woman surviving in a patriarchal world i.e. all

*friend steps over something*

“Oh, was that your feelings? Sorry”

Is it true? Is it trueeeeee

Ugh, enough.

And of course, the movie had a Happy Ending. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t have written this and you wouldn’t waste your time reading this, instead of a book.

Anyways, watch this movie, you’ll feel good, or at least better.


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