Slowly but surely, Bollywood is understanding that we no longer thirst for the so-called exotic valleys of Switzerland, beaches of Mauritius and the Big Ben of London. Instead what we are looking for is unfiltered, relatable and wholesome desi-ness that makes us go ‘oh yes, exact same, mere saath bhi!’

That is what today’s audience wants and Tumhari Sulu seems intent on giving that.

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what I am talking about, the subject matter here is Vidya Balan’s latest movie, releasing on 24th November. The video teaser to the film was released recently and has already created chatter among the audience for its vibe and Balan in a never-seen-before avatar.

Even if the release is a while away, let me tell you why the teaser is more than enough to get us super excited for this movie:

1. World Of Radio:

Although there have been films like ‘Salaam Namaste’ and ‘Rang De Basanti’ that have dabbled with the radio industry, not many Bollywood films have been able to show this sector properly.

‘Tumhari Sulu’ is centered around a housewife’s interesting brush with radio, and that is novel from an audience point of view. The set, especially the radio station, looks very real and having been inside an actual radio station I can vouch for the realism shown here.

tumhari sulu

Also, this might just throw light on the radio fandom and how underestimated it truly is. We fail to understand how deep a connection there exists between the radio jockey (RJ) and his/her listeners. Some connect so deeply; they write letters, wait for their show to come on and travel a great distance just to meet their favourite RJ. The connection that an RJ and his/her listeners have is more than what meets the eye, and hopefully, this film will show how and why Sulu turns into an overnight radio star.

2. The Relatable Factor:

The 2nd reason why I am looking forward to this movie is its relatable factor. From the costumes, Balan wears, simple cotton saris and suits, to her mannerisms and quirks. The world and subject are both deeply rooted in the real milieu and the film looks like a true family film with a gamut of emotions.

The movie is extremely mass-based but without losing out on quality that many big budget movies do.

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3. Interesting mix of different worlds:

I have to say that from the teaser I got a real feel-good vibe. The interesting mix of a middle-class family, a housewife taking up an unconventional job and balancing her house simultaneously, coupled with Vidya Balan’s acting chops has us yearning for more.

tumhari sulu4. The Poster:

The initial posters of the film had Balan hiding her face. Subsequently, she was revealed as a superhero, with a cape around her neck. Balan (Sulu) does not literally play a superwoman in the film. The poster is symbolic – it seems to convey that even a housewife is a superwoman of sorts.

Whether you call it quirky, cute or vibrant, the colours, the pose and Balan’s cheeky wink in the main poster grab your attention wholly and completely.

The reaction that it got from the audience was extremely positive and heartening, with many curious about what new avatar she will appear in now.

5. A Real RJ:

Who can depict the radio industry better than an actual RJ! Noted jock, Malishka, making her screen debut, seems to be the perfect fit for the movie that runs on its own tune.

RJ Malishka already has a prior history with Balan when she trained her for her role as an RJ in ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai.’ Incidentally, both were also college buddies.

tumhari sulu

RJ Malishka was recently the cause of a controversy when she released a song called ‘Mumbai Tula’, which addressed the problems that Mumbai faces, including potholes, traffic jams, and slow trains during the monsoon. Little surprise that the Sena-controlled BMC shot right back at Malishka by filing a multi-crore lawsuit against her. But the public sentiment and support for Malishka was way too strong.

It will be exciting to see this firebrand RJ in a brief role in the movie.

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