With the novel coronavirus rampantly spreading in every nook and corner of the world, we are forced to sit at home with our spoilt vacation plans.

So, when the lockdown blues are taking a toll on us for months now, here’s something about a splendid luxury hotel in Vietnam that may awake the travel freak inside you!

Vietnam; a Southeast Asian country that managed to grab the eyeballs of the world for its phenomenal statistics of COVID-19, has given us yet another reason to drool over. 

Talk Of The Town

The Danang Golden Bay, a five-star hotel situated in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam has intrigued folks all around for all the right reasons. This hotel has upped its game of providing luxury services to its customers in an unprecedented golden manner. 

The gold-plated features of this hotel do all the story-telling about its extreme extravagance. The Danang Bay hotel has suites that provide the guests with an experience of high-standard living with high-end interiors and jaw-dropping golden sanitary facilities like basins, taps, showerheads, etc.  

The hotel is one of its kind and is extremely proud of its uniquely, delicately, and richly styled bedrooms. The overnight cost of a bedroom in the Danang Bay hotel starts from 7192 INR.

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You Name It, They Have It

The Danang Bay hotel has four president suites, located on the 28th floor of its building, and being the president suites, gold-plated bathtubs, cutlery, etc. are the additional jaw-dropping golden features in them.

“Inspired by the finest world heritages features the luxury touch of gold, Danang Golden Bay evokes a sense of serenity within Danang Bay, where traditional Vietnamese ambiance and sophisticatedly modern architecture are effortlessly blended into one,” reads the Danang Golden Bay hotel’s website.

The Extraordinary Swimming Pool

 Besides the other breath-taking features, the hotel also has a golden infinity swimming pool which was awarded the glorifying title ‘the highest and largest swimming pool in the world’.

With the water flowing over the edges, the pool enables guests to enjoy the striking view of a dreamy sunset and the endless horizon. 

With its floor covered in 24K gold tiles and golden walls, the pool makes the guests relish the luxury with a sip of a refreshing cocktail. 

So, if you also found this Vietnamese hotel interesting and exciting, when are you planning to experience the golden luxury?

Image Credits: Google Images, Reuters

Sources: The Indian Express, Danang Golden Way, Times Now News

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