Ever since the world has fallen into the pocket of the stubborn, hard-hearted coronavirus, the fear of contagion has all of us quarantined in our homes for months.

But as the economy moves towards setting terms with the virus and we begin restoring normalcy in our lives, important businesses and even previously prohibited activities like eating in a restaurant are also gradually beginning to be carried out, with all precautionary measures in place.

A popular saying goes- ‘Food binds people together’. However, to prevent people from ‘literally’ binding closely together physically, eateries across the world are coming up with some quirky and impressive ideas to ensure proper social distancing.

It’s motivating to witness such endeavours to keep the situation under control.

Thailand Restaurant Placed Stuffed Panda Bears

Starting from May 3, Thailand has begun to ease down lockdown restrictions, allowing restaurants and cafes to re-open but with strict instructions to meet the guidelines laid out.

Following this, when a Vietnamese restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand named Maison Saigon was reopened after months, Natthwut Rodchanapanthkul, the restaurant owner was confronted by a challenge to make sure diners abide by the social distancing norms.

Initially, he placed a single chair at every table. But, it seemed to him that this way, the customers might feel quite friendless.

So, he thought of something out of the box and introduced stuffed pandas in his restaurant.

The pandas have been intelligently placed on certain places across the restaurant to avoid customers from sitting closely. The stuffed dining partners innocently guide people where to sit.

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“The Maison Saigon is now open for eating!! Come alone, as a couple, or as a whole family. We have pandas and clear panels to help keep the distance for you to be happy and healthy with authentic Vietnamese taste safely, without worries, with strict cleanliness measures in accordance with state standards,” Maison Saigon wrote on Instagram.

This outstanding idea of the restaurant owner is being praised by the customers as they got to live a completely different dining experience.

Similar ideas were embraced in other countries as well.

Quirky Cardboard Cut-outs At An Australian Restaurant

Since only 10 customers are allowed to be served at a time in Sydney, cardboard cut-outs have been placed by the tables at a restaurant.

This is along with a ‘chatter sound of customers’ playing on speakers to let customers enjoy a typical dining experience of a crowded restaurant.

Dine With Mannequins At An American Restaurant

A famous three-Michelin-star restaurant in Washington, U.S. is all set to re-open but with a whimsy change this time. Mannequins dressed in the 1940’s style have been placed at specific places to ensure enough distance between the real guests.

For all of us, life has been hit by the virus in the worst ever way, and we resorted to putting a halt on it for a while. But, with time, we have to adapt to this new ordinary and for that, these ideas are a big inspiration.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Business Insider, Bored Panda, TimesNowNews

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