It has been rightly said, “there is no better feeling in the world than having a warm Pizza on your lap.”

Pizza is every man’s weakness and all of us are more than willing to spend a fortune on a pizza to satisfy our undying appetite for it.

Without much ado, let’s look at some of the finest pizza restaurants in the world.

  1. 50 Kalo, Naples

It is no surprise that Naples is the undisputed pizza capital of the world. 50 Kalò translates to “good dough” in the Italian language. The world class recipe is the product of years of research, and it is loved to the grave by all pizza enthusiasts in the world.

According to esteemed food experts like Katie Parla, the pizzas score high marks for their flavor, but their lightness is what inspires nightly crowds.

  1. Da Isa, Tokyo

Opened in 2010, Da Isa is the Mecca for tourists in Tokyo. One of the best places for a romantic date as well as per reviews. The famous food reviewer website, Time Out says that the Margherita is textbook stuff, while off-kilter innovations like the Shiori (mozzarella, prawns in shell, tomato, rucola and parmigiano) are also well worth a try.

The next time you are in Tokyo, you know where to head towards to.

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  1. L’Antica Pizzeria, Hampstead, London

Officially rated the best in London, it is the must go to place, each time you visit London. The name has an Italian touch to it and the pizza gives you an awe inspiring experience.

According to Ben Norum, food enthusiast, “For toppings in this outlet, only hand-crushed tomato sauce is used and the amount of mozzarella is carefully regulated to avoid excess water that might threaten that superbly crisp base. Try the Sofia Loren topped with tomato, mozzarella, artichokes, black olives, courgette, aubergine, parmesan, basil and olive oil.”

  1. Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles

“Master class in the art of making pizza.”, “The best pizza in the world.”, “The next heaven on the universe.”…these are some of the lines associated with this restaurant.

As per Serious Eats, the bacon, salami, sausage, guanciale, tomato, and mozzarella pizza in the Los Angeles outlet was a meat lover’s dream. Every piece of meat on this pie is of high quality. The salami and house-cured guanciale are both mouthwateringly crisp pieces of flavourful pork that added great flavour and texture to the pie. The sausage, which is made in house, is served in hunks of chewy, fennel-filled mounds.

  1. Pink Flamingo, Paris

Graced with a number of awards for the tastiest and mouth watering pizzas in Paris, Pink Flamingo has been ruling the hearts of pizza lovers all over the world. Thrillist Paris says that Obama (with ham and pineapple chutney) and the Poulidor (smoked duck breast, apple, and goat cheese) are the best ones that the outlet has to offer. The Basquiat, with Gorgonzola, dried figs, and Auvergne ham is a best-seller as well. All pizzas are served on organic flower crust, and PF will even deliver by bike which is a big bonus.

We also take into account that all of us have different taste buds but the pizza restaurants mentioned above won’t disappoint for sure, provided we end up going there. IYKWIM ;).

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