Ours is a country replete with multitudes of practices, customs, rituals and what not. Adding on to the list is another bizarre practice, or say a bizarre restaurant, unlike any you’d have ever dined at.

Talking about dining with the dead reminds me of the equally unusual Jannat Guest House from the fabulous novel ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ by Arundhati Roy, wherein the protagonist Anjum builds her house, followed by her guest house in a graveyard, with at least one grave in each room.

And as if that was not enough to send shivers down one’s spine, we bring you the ‘Lucky Restaurant’ in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad which gives you a never-heard of before dining experience.

Here you get to dine with peculiar padosis – coffins with dead bodies inside.

Dine With The Dead, Will You?

People here get to eat food while being seated beside real greaves. The 50-year-old restaurant does give some eerie feels to the customers who come here, but this is exactly the experience that people from far across come here for.

The owner Mr Krishnan Kutti is proud and more than content with his flourishing restaurant. He claims that the popularity of the restaurant is mostly attributable to the strange experience it gives to customers.

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The graves are not dummy ones. They are real graves dating back to the 16th century and are supposed to belong to Sufi saints.

There are a total of about 12 graves in the place, with their inhabitants cordially sharing the same roof overhead with the customers enjoying Gujarati and various other delicious dishes.

All the graves are enclosed by iron rods so as to ensure that the dead remain undisturbed and the coffins do not face any ruination. Moreover, the customers do not seem to mind dining beside dead bodies lying in coffins. Some consider it lucky too, for some reason.

Given a chance, are you in for having a cup of chai while sitting next to a grave right beside?

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Sources: India TV News, Times of India, Mirror

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