When the pandemic first broke out, everyone was confined to their own homes, and most sectors, such as education, marketing and parliamentary proceedings, were compelled to shift to online. 

This medium was beneficial to us because it did not allow our routine to slip away. It did, however, provide a number of other difficulties. Cyber security is one such challenge.

We engage on Google, Zoom, and Meet in our everyday lives because the majority of our work is now done online. Our attention has also shifted to social media. As a result of our increased dependence on technology, we may become vulnerable to cybercrime.

Cyber attacks are increasing as most work shifts to online

Elementik Technologies, on the other hand, has come to our aid with their Byteseal device, which protects us from cyber-attacks and criminal activities.

What The Startup Offers Us?

Nikhilesh Wani founded Elementik Technologies, a cyber security startup based in Pune. He announced Byteseal, a device that promises to govern an individual’s digital security without infringing on our liberty.

Byteseal will protect users from dangerous online activity. In addition, they bring value to our digital life.

What Inspired Them To Invent Byteseal?

We had put our cyber security at stake when we entered the Covid-19 pandemic phase, according to Mr. Wani. As a result, he believed that because the majority of our job had moved to the online medium, it was imperative that we pay close attention to our cyber security. As a result, he emphasised the importance of using strong passwords.

Passwords must be changed on a regular basis, and keeping track of them gets tedious. As a result, personal authentication devices are used at such times. These devices make it simple and secure for consumers to manage their passwords.

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These passwords can be accessed using our fingerprints whenever it’s necessary. “This adds a great convenience by reducing their hassle of remembering passwords and at the same time increases the level of security for their online presence,” Wani tells Indian Express.

While talking to Punekar News, Wani said, “According to a study, 2021 has witnessed a steep rise in the data breaches has been witnessed than ever before. The Phishing attacks have increased to almost 11 percent, which also sheds light on the password security breach, which is where our device is able to serve the motive of preventing such attacks. 

How Byteseal Works? 

Byteseal is a “credential management device” which provides end-to-end security to password management. Through this single authentication device, users can store their passwords safely, securely and remain encrypted as well. 

Byteseal, a credential management device

Mr. Wani stated, “It is a secure authentication device under the brand Byteseal, which helps the subscribers manage their passwords in a more secure, simple and seamless way. The device carries the world’s most secure capacitive fingerprint sensor, wireless connectivity to phone and PC via Bluetooth and has a long-lasting rechargeable battery up to 3 months.”

This is the first such device being launched in India and has been funded by the government’s Science and Technology Department. 

Nikhilesh adds that if technology is being used, it must be used for the good and to sweep the ills of society, like cybercrime! 

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Sources: Indian Express, Punekar News, Byteseal

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