Cardiac health is an eminent part of our physical well-being. And, recently several deaths have occurred due to cardiac arrest. Hence, Sunfox Technology has come to our rescue through its “portable electrocardiogram device (ECG)” named Spandan. 

About The Startup

Sunfox Technologies was established in 2016 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, as a Research and Development Lab, with a vision to create innovative technologies for people to lead a better future.  

They produce technology linked with Biomedical Instrumentation, IoT and other engineering domains made for both the Indian and International market. Their ECG device gives an early warning to people who might face cardiovascular diseases. 

The idea struck when founders Rajat Jain and Arpit Jain lost a dear one due to a heart attack. Rajat, in an interview, stated, “I lost my friend due to a sudden heart attack. I hail from a rural background and have seen a lot of deaths due to unavailability of medical equipment for various reasons.” 

Spandan, the heart disease detecting device

Hence, it prompted them to develop a device for healthcare solutions that is cost-effective, portable and durable.

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Finding The Right Opportunity

Before launching their product, they researched the existing market and found a few loopholes which resulted in an opportunity for them. The devices which were already available in the market were costly, complex to use, non-portable and inefficient.

But their startup provides a product that is accessible, cost-effective, hassle-free and portable. Thus, Spandan came into being through the R & D lab. It is a lightweight device that can easily fit into one’s pocket. 

Rajat claims, “A cardiac patient can do cardiac screening by using Spandan while sitting at home, and can know about any cardiac abnormalities instantly without the assistance of a doctor.” It is priced between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 8500. 

Rajat Jain, co-founder of Sunfox Technologies

It can detect 21 different sorts of heart abnormalities with 99.7% precision. The results are delivered in an easy to understand language. 

In House Device

Sunfox Technologies has created Spandan with little dependence from outside. The device has reached the modular level, making it easier for creators to replicate and add new features. 

Their devices are being used in healthcare facilities as well and not just by individuals. Few services of the device will only be operational post getting a subscription. Hence, they earn from selling the devices and their subscriptions. 

The device gets connected to your smartphone after the patient downloads the app to get the readings. Then, electrodes are placed on the chest if the patient faces discomfort. And, results can be downloaded in the app to show to the doctor in case of emergencies.

According to Rajat, “Spandan can be used to reduce preventable deaths – by providing early warnings as well as remote doctor consultations.” The device can easily be obtained and used by people without the need of any professionals. 

Earlier, the startup was only focusing on the Indian market. However, now it has expanded to other nations as well. 

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