October 16: BY Nature is one of the largest health and fitness companies that provide lots of various health products that boost your overall health. The brand has announced a new variety of protein powder made exclusively from plan-based and it is 100 percent natural. It’s a fusion of the world’s best plant-based protein sources and is formulated to give you 25g of clean, plant-based protein along with a complete amino acid profile. The Plant Protein is in 2 flavors i.e. Vanilla and Chocolate- for both men and women.

Anand Agarwal Founder and CEO of By Nature, said, ” There are no added preservatives or hidden ingredients, it is best for vegan as it’s difficult to get protein powders that have natural ingredients. The protein does not only pack a staggering amount of protein (pea protein isolate is about 85% protein) but is also one of the few plant-based “complete” proteins which means it contains all 9 essential amino acids that our body needs but cannot produce on its own. Pea protein is about 9% leucine, an amino acid essential for muscle building, which is on par with many animal proteins.”

Recent studies reveal that pea protein can even help weight loss by promoting a sense of fullness and stimulate the body’s peptide production, thus abating the feelings of hunger. As it comes from a plant source, pea protein retains some of that soluble fiber from the plant, making it easier to digest. It also comes with a higher digestibility (close to 80%) which basically refers to the percentage of protein in a food that your body actually absorbs and uses. The easier it is for your body to digest, absorb, and process a protein, the better it’s going to be for building muscle and improving health.

Talking about the advantage of the product, He said, “The benefits of pea protein aren’t limited to what it has but also what it doesn’t have – namely allergens & additives that you might find in a typical non-plant-based protein. So if that is something that turns you off whey or other animal proteins, you might want to give ByNature plant protein a try. Combining the benefits of pea protein with other plant proteins & natural blends, it delivers 25g of clean protein in every scoop.”

The By Nature Plant Protein gives you a complete and balanced nutrition without any cholesterol, less saturated fat, and no antibiotics or hormones. Its superior digestive blend is easier to digest with no side effects at all. You can purchase this healthy protein powder from the By Nature website.


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