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Yes, the coronavirus pandemic is causing problems and blah blah… But let’s be honest, this pandemic gave us a break we desperately needed. I was happy to finally sleep till 12 in the afternoon, and it felt like I am living those school summer vacations again.  

But sadly, not all good things last long! And I am not talking about the pain of assignments and online lectures. I am talking about the pain WhatsApp university has caused in my life. 

My mom, who is being brainwashed by some idiotic jobless people running the WhatsApp university, has given my life her own “tadka” of sadness.

Coronavirus Vs My Mom

I can already imagine my mom giving me that angry Indian mother look. But I gotta do what I gotta do.

Mothers are emotional and super caring, and when mothers get exposed to such outstanding WhatsApp knowledge, what do they do? They believe it!

My mom treats coronavirus like a living being who is everywhere and potentially looking for me. Coronavirus, you are such a creep!

Let’s have a look at some of the examples of my tragic WhatsApp-influenced life.

Whenever I receive a parcel, the first thing I am told to do is to keep it outside. If you ask the logic behind it, SUNLIGHT KILLS CORONAVIRUS.

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Whenever I bring something, my mom sanitizes everything, including cash as well as my phone, which is not waterproof! 

(it still surprisingly works)

Sanitizing is crucial, you should do it too, but my phone! That thing is not waterproof! And if this continues, I would have a heartbreak seeing the death of my phone. 

Whenever I think of buying bread, my mom sees it as an invitation to coronavirus because someone sent her a WhatsApp message that bread has coronavirus in them!

Who are these people?! *sobbing*

The same is the case with meat and eggs. *crying*

And here comes the icing of this bullsh*t.

My mom thinks all cold things have coronavirus, including ice cream, all credit goes to WhatsApp university. *weeping*

Surprisingly the ugly looking vegetables are coronavirus resistant!

Look, I am not a scientist, and maybe all these “WhatsApp claims” and “WhatsApp science” might actually be true, you never know. But don’t say and forward anything without valid proof.

You are blessed if you find any of this unrelatable, maybe your mom doesn’t use WhatsApp that much. A bit of friendly advice, if she ever comes to you with a WhatsApp issue, RUNNNNNN!

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