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You might think that introverts are ineligible for leadership positions given their popularisation in the media as shy, boring, or quiet individuals.

However, this is not so. Like extroverts, they have some good chances of excelling in areas like sports, business, law, politics, and a myriad of other fields.

Many successful and powerful introvert leaders like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg, and Abraham Lincoln do exist in this colossal world.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Here are some of the traits of introverts that can make them great leaders.

They are good listeners

Introverts are gifted with the quality of attentive and empathetic listening. They generally like to take a backseat during official meetings and discussions for an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

They evaluate others’ motives, desires, and emotions through their body movements and gestures, and hence have the ability to listen to things that remain unsaid.

Their solitude fuels their ingenuity

Power of imagination

Introverts might not be feisty individuals full of vital life, spunk, and sass but definitely, they can pass as quirky, imaginative people.

They use their solitude to think out-of-the-box and come up with novel ideas or things that are beneficial for society.

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Possess humbleness that wins your heart

Introverts are modest, respectful individuals. They never unduly ignore or criticize others and their viewpoints.

Their humbleness is definitely a plus point that helps them in developing comradeship and unity among people, be it a small class, multi-national company, or a mammoth country.

Act purposefully

Introverts are goal-oriented. They are not capricious. They are aversive to the mindless rush that dominates today’s society.

They first think carefully about a decision before implementing it. This aids in reducing the chances of making mistakes. Their purposeful actions and consistency increase their trustworthiness.

Give importance to quality over quantity

It is wrong to assume that introverts dislike talking to others. It is just that they are against gossips that do little good to them.

They, on the flipside, actively engage in making meaningful bonds of love, affection, and trust. They don’t waste their time with people who mean nothing to them.

Introverts know the importance of meaningful and fulfilling relationships

They always prefer quality over quantity in matters of personal connections, which helps them in making a joyful, peaceful living.

Thus, if you are a clever introvert, becoming a leader might not be impossible for you. You just need to muster some courage and determination to pass the tests of life.

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