The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone’s life in one way or another, and one big impact it caused is money shortage

This five-month extended lockdown has caused a serious money crisis in every sector. Everyone from successful business owners to actors to unemployed people had to face money problems in this pandemic.

We have heard about businesses shutting down, actors selling vegetables and even suicides due to the shortage of money. But have you heard of revenge gifting to get money back? 

An employee sent sex toys to his boss and his wife after facing a delay in the payment of provident fund.

Here’s What Happened

The director of a coffee retailing company, Avinash Prabhu, experienced an unusual revenge by his infuriated employee. 

Hariprasad Joshi, the employee of Kalmane Trading Private Limited, requested Prabhu to release his provident fund several times, but Prabhu kept delaying the payment in the name of coronavirus pandemic.

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Due to coronavirus, the business was at a standstill, and according to Prabhu, his previous head had not provided the necessary documents required to make the payment. He stated that he will initiate the payment as soon as the pandemic ends. 

The frustrated employee got into heated arguments with his boss several times over phone calls. The matter was stretched to a point where Prabhu refused to pay him any money.

The Unpleasant Gifts Of Revenge

Prabhu told the police that Joshi had registered his and his wife’s number on various dating websites. He also sent abusive emails to him, his wife and children.

Joshi has also registered their numbers on escort websites. Not ending there, he ordered sex toys for his boss and his family members. 

However, the police do not have all the details at this time, and the exact date on which the accused demanded the provident fund is also unclear. 

The CEN Police have taken up a case against Joshi under IPC Section 509 (word, gesture or act intended to outrage the modesty of a woman), 419(cheating by impersonation), and other sections of the IT Act.

Every sector of our society has faced a money crisis in this lockdown, but going on such extremes to get money back is frightful and hilarious at the same time.

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