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The cryptocurrency landscape and ranking platforms have dramatically changed over 2020. With the largest cryptocurrency ranking site getting acquired by Binance, a huge conflict of interest came up. Similar sites slowly started to gain some market share, however, none of them seem to really gain traction. tries to solve that. is a fast growing, free-to-use cryptocurrency and financial assets ranking site. It comes with a cryptocurrency list, a stock, commodity and forex screener and awesome news content. The Liquidary News Room brings all headlines from major crypto, finance and politics together and aggregates it into a single place. At Liquidary Insiders you are always up-to-date on startups, insights into markets and easy to understand educational content.

The startup content at Liquidary Insiders is curated by startups themselves. Startups are welcome to claim a free article on Liquidary. The idea behind that is the immense costs associated with getting press coverage

– startups cannot and should not pay 4-5 figure amounts for press coverage. Liquidary believes this money is better spent on other parts and therefore offers this to all interesting and exciting new startups. aiming to fight fake volume and wash trading in cryptocurrency markets

Autowhale, the company that runs and builds, has previously developed complex trading software such as algorithmic trading systems, market making software and more for its b2b clients.

The 3 co-founders – Thomas Pratter (CEO), Sophie Weidenhiller (CMO) and Husein Gagajew (CTO) then decided to go the b2c route by developing and here is why:

As a liquidity provider/market maker the team at Autowhale is constantly confronted with the issue of fake volume/wash trading. Many “market makers”, coins and exchanges were and are engaging in such activities and, truly, it caused huge damage to the industry as a whole with insufficient liquidity in markets (therefore creating high volatility), abnormally high listing fees and exchange scams as a result of that.

This is why takes a different approach. Any cryptocurrency will soon be ranking based on a comprehensive liquidity metrics, instead of the traditional approach of comparing coins by market capitalization. Liquidary believes, that this transition will solve many issues including wash trading but also supply inflations of coins (often projects increase their supply in order to increase their market cap – price X supply – and rank higher on current ranking sites)

“A switch to liquidity based metrics will be a great step forward for our industry since wash- trading is highly illegal in traditional markets, in crypto it is still the wild west with many things in gray areas. Measuring the Liquidity in crypto gives less relevance to inflated volume and doesn’t require to wait for regulators to step in.”, says Thomas Pratter – Project Lead at

Switch to welcomes everyone. But not only that, awesome crypto giveaways are going to start soon. So don’t miss out, switch to get real-time price updates, quality content – all in one place and stay ahead of the market!

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