Disclaimer: We have called the college office for getting their side of the story and are awaiting the same. The story will be updated once we have a revert from them.

Days darken on campus as massive protests erupt at Madras Christian College after first year student Mahima Jayarajan dies on ground due to alleged gross negligence by college management.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the first year BSc Chemistry student passed away yesterday supposedly owing to the ‘Sports For All’ pet project of the principal.

What Is Sports For All?

Sports For All is supposedly an extra-curricular activity adopted by the college to provide sports opportunity to all students on the campus. It includes warming sessions followed by a sport of choice.

The college claims that it isn’t a mandatory subject and only students who wish to may participate in the activity.

Students are baffled at this outrageous comment because almost all of them allege that they took up the course because of repeated arrear threats by the management.

Students gathering in protest against the management.

What Happened To Mahima? How Did She Die?

Mahima Jayarajan, a first year undergraduate student in the department of Chemistry, had complained of fatigue during the sports session before she collapsed on the basketball field and died due to cardiac arrest.

Mahima who was also anaemic and hypotensive (low blood pressure) had requested the authorities to let her rest but she was forced to warm up and participate in the activity as reported by her friends and students on campus.

The Mysteries Around Mahima’s Death

Amongst the various theories revolving the campus, students claim that Mahima passed away on the field whilst practising, while the management claims she passed away enroute to the college gate.

The students rushed her to Cosh, a hospital near the campus where she was declared brought dead.

Students Condemn The Management’s Shoddiness

Large number of students have been protesting against the management’s disgustingly feudal attitude.

Girls on campus allege that when they informed those responsible about period cramps, they were asked to bring evidence.

“They asked us to bring evidence of our periods and told us that they had mothers and they never suffered from cramps because they were always active” said a student speaking to the blogger at ED Times.

“It is very saddening to hear the news of a fellow student losing her life because of compulsory sports at the college despite of the fact that she had mentioned regarding her illness earlier.
This must be considered as pure human rights violation and it is HIGH time the student population react to such practices inside the college, and as a former representative of women students in the college I really wish a detailed investigation is conducted in this regard and steps are from the side of management understanding value of student life and their protection.”
Arya Anil, former secretary of Non-resident women’s forum at MCC.

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Gross Negligence And Insensitivity On The Management’s Part

According to students, there weren’t any adequate measures available to save Mahima’s life. There was no doctor readily available and as a matter of fact no water or emergency medicines were available on the grounds.

The college has refused to acknowledge the child’s demise as their fault and has even gone to an extent of shamelessness by claiming to have given money for her funeral and buying her a coffin, students alleged.

The Principal still refuses to speak on the subject and hasn’t even bothered addressing the distressed students.

Several students who came with genuine medical conditions were dismissed by the Sports In-Charge, as fake without any basic investigation.

Students on campus are worried by the attitude of the Dean of Student Affairs, as he being the responsible person for student affairs chose to protect the principal by telling protestors that “We cannot let him out, who knows what you’ll do.”

Students on a whole are extremely scared for their academic lives and health as the management tries to shut them out by claiming that protesting wasn’t MCC culture and punishing them by detaining students using attendance as an excuse.

From all that we’ve heard, it is pretty clear that the students are disgruntled and are toggled like pieces of meat on this campus boasting 180+ years of legacy. The campus might become bright and shiny but those who govern the campus seem to be still stuck in a phase where they think they are above board.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the demise of our dear friend on campus and demand legal probe into her death. It is high time the UGC revokes autonomy of colleges who don’t take the lives of students seriously.

Update: After a long wait the Principal finally addressed the students and set forth an offer to form a committee to look into these issues. This would include two students also.

When asked for a comment, majority of the students are unhappy with this move as they say that he refused to even acknowledge it as their mistake and never once mentioned of a proper investigation.

Two students in a panel of 10 professors is a mere political gimmick to hoodwink the society, allege students on campus.

Image Credits: Students of MCC

Sources: Students on Campus

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    • Hi, I was a student of MCC and I have spoken to her father directly. Her autopsy clearly mentions that she died of cardiac arrest and was hypotensive plus anemic. Facts have been thoroughly checked and verified with the campus.

      • yes cardiac arrest that happens during sporting, HCM. If you are an alumni, then take through proper forums, if student through union society and not just write anything. Vikatan an established news magazine has carried the discussion which they had with the girls father.

        It is very important to share the loss and grief and not try to cap on that..

        • Dear Yogi, let me assure you that conversations have happened with the protesting students, campus officials, parents and staff. As a recent alumni, I have more than enough contacts on campus including professors to directly verify the news. It is very much confirmed that she was unwell and had complained to the authorities.
          Kindly verify with the campus inhabitants yourself before you make a biased comment based on one news piece.
          I can understand your necessity to protect the college’s ‘honour’. Let me kindly remind you that by doing so, you dishonour Mahima’s memory in the worst possible manner. Also, kindly do not jump to conclusions and decide for others. If you do not know how I’ve researched on this subject, please ask, instead of assuming with a biased mindset. Thank you.

          • I have checked author. Looks like you have more personal interest in protecting your marks than Mahima loss. So according to you, you were the only person right when her parents say she has not health issues. I dont have any necessity to protect anyones honour. dont just point guns. The bias is ur news article publishing across. You are already out of college, leave it to people who can handle.

          • Dear person behind a mask,
            I stand with each and every student on the campus and kindly do not dictate your terms and conditions upon people you just casually assume about. I have no business establishing my words with somebody who’s integrity is to hide behind a mask and conveniently make statements suitable to their and the ones they protect. Also, kindly never dictate to somebody about what they should talk about and what they shouldn’t when you yourself have such a sloppy research background of which you make tall claims. Good day.


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