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5 Differences Between Gambling Habits Of Men & Women


By Kapil Sharma

Humans have always been attracted to gambling be it to play online games or just sports betting. Something about trying out their luck seems to appeal to something deep within the human psyche.

This is the reason which has made the gambling industry one of the most profitable in the world.

However, it has been found that men and women have very different ways of enjoying gambling and it’s time to look at 5 differences between the gambling habits of men and women.


Let’s start with a big one. Gambling is all about risk and one of the best ways to gamble is with money—the most important thing in the world for a majority of people. The more money one puts on the line, the greater the risk. This can lead to people spending a lot of money just on gambling. But taking a great risk is what makes winning feel so rewarding.

So, which of the two primary genders is the one that is willing to spend more on their passion?

The answer is men. Studies have shown that generally speaking men are willing to spend significantly more on gambling than women. This is possibly the biggest difference when it comes to the gambling habits of men and women.

Variety of Games
“Variety is the spice of life”, this is a statement most people would have heard at least once in their lives and is usually taken to be true. It is obvious that people get bored repeating something over and over, and this makes them search for other things that are similar to what they like but also different in at least one way.

This has resulted in there being so many varied types of gambling games that the moment anyone gets bored of playing one, they can immediately switch to another.

Men seem to be the ones that are fully taking advantage of the variety of gambling games that are available while women prefer to stick to the games they become comfortable with.

Duration of Play

Gambling can be a long game. Sometimes just staying in the game till everyone else leaves can be a recipe for victory. But playing long hours is not something that everyone can do and it can seriously be a tough task for people who get bored easily. This makes the fact that women seem to able to play for longer durations than men quite understandably as the previous point states how they can stick to the game without getting bored of it.

Motivation to Play

Motivation is necessary to do any task and gambling is no different. Money seems to be the major motivating factor when it comes to gambling but there are other things that also come into play. For instance, men tend to play for the thrill of the risk and the joy of winning and hence spend more money on gambling and keep trying their hand at different games, while women seem to play more for the sheer fun that comes with playing the games itself rather than actually taking big risks.

Favourite games

While picking favourites is rarely ever easy and can be drastically different for different individuals but trends can still be found if one looks at a large enough group. It has been found that generally speaking men and women have very different preferences when it comes to their favourite games.

These preferences can be traced back to all the reasons stated above. With that it starts to make perfect sense that men’s favourite gambling games are associated with sports betting while women favour games like bingo and online slots.

The Effects of Gambling on Men and Women

Interestingly enough gambling itself seems to have different effects on different genders and as a recent study found out, men are far more likely to become pathological gamblers that their female counterparts.

That is not to say that women can’t have gambling problems—since social anxiety in women is a problem that is being associated with gambling.

These problems aside, it is clear that both men and women absolutely love to gamble even though their preferences and behaviours towards the game may differ drastically.



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