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Mini Series: A Journey Through the Human Psyche


Our virtual abode, the Internet was flooded with news articles and pieces on the Project Semicolon. Now that the hum-drum has died down, let’s talk a bit seriously about this topic, with the respect it deserves.

We’ll embark on a mini-series, trying to decode the human psyche as we proceed; starting with the very reason why such a campaign became a huge success.

For the uninitiated, this is what it is about:

A daughter got tattooed to honour her father’s suicide. And that idea touched a lot of hearts, giving courage to people around the world and starting this revolution; asking people to find the courage to continue their lives when they could’ve chosen to end it.

Maybe this video would give you an insight:


The reason behind its popularity can be accredited to the fact how a staggering, yet dangerously large number of us resonated with it.

It could’ve been a heartbreak that was bogging us down, the loss of a loved one or just the monsoon blues. We all have experienced sadness in our own small ways.

Now imagine that same sinking feeling, for a prolonged period of time where you may or may not be aware of the reason why you’re feeling down. You might confuse it for a physical ailment or an eating disorder; however those are just accomplices of depression.

Research suggests that 1 in 10 people are depressed. So imagine the plethora of people we cross in our mundane daily travels. And imagine the turmoil that’s bubbling inside 10% of them. We don’t know their story, their struggles or their strength.

One could be just at their tipping point, and might just need a hand to bring them back from the brink.

Continuing on the theme, in order to explore outlets to channel the spectrum of emotions you battle on an everyday basis, or see someone else struggle with, we bring to you a set of minimalistic ways to remind yourself of your strength and keep on, keepin’on:


You can go Amy Bleuel’s way to get a ‘semicolon’ tattooed



Or you could chose ellipsis (…) to signify that the story is still to be continued or as SRK would say, ‘Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost’.


Plant a Sapling

And watch something you’ve nurtured grow into a beautiful plant.


Step Out

Just step out and observe the world. It’ll give you an odd sense of satisfaction.


“I’m trying to keep psychological vampires from sapping my life force.”

This HONY post should be a life goal.

Heck, I’m going to print it out and pin it in my room.

And then hope to grow up to share her spirit-


“I was on a trip in Saskatchewan, and I took this baby up a mountain. Boy did she fucking roll! There were trails but I didn’t even use them.”


Either with yourself, picking up a hobby, old or new.

Or with old friends, to remind you of simpler times and the old you.


Nostalgia is all you need sometimes.


That’s all the gyan we have for now.

Here’s a peek into the life of orphaned kids and their plights.

We’ll be back next week, hope you’ll ponder over this in the mean time.


Navni Bhatia
Navni Bhatia
Navni Bhatia, protector of the realm of all things quirky, has a fetish for cute stationary and is annoyingly similar to Monica Geller.


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