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Being Alone? Not so bad after all


Why is being alone once in a while so bad? Why do we always complain about not having enough people around? I mean haven’t we all feared the deadly loneliness hovering us if, say, we break up or when our friends are not around or when our families have to go on an outing etc.? But what is the fuss about, people?

There so many reasons why being alone can be a great thing. Now this is not a lecture about how being alone gives you time to introspect and “find yourself”. I am no learned spiritual Guru after all. But these are just ways to turn a few days of ‘loneliness’ into few days of ‘awesome-ness’.

Now say your friends aren’t around. What do you do? Get bored? Well no! Can you think of all those things that you couldn’t do because you were always so occupied with company?


It might sound really boring initially but look at the plus side of it. YOU LEARN SOMETHING NEW!! And trust me, not only does it keep you super busy so that you don’t have time to miss your buds, but also it adds to you CV.

  •   Being around people is often means that once you’re back after a long day of work, you don’t really get time to do things like take a long lavish bath, or the less fun task of cleaning your room (once you clean up the mess, you realise how good it really feels).
  • Other stuff like, joining the dance class, reading some great books singing your favourite but embarrassing songs aloud.

Then there are the moments when you can just sit and precisely do nothing. Make no efforts to talk to people or even try to listen to their stories. (Not to say I am a misanthrope but who doesn’t like some space once in a while?)

Once your family is on an outing, you have the freedom to do anything – from treating your house as a garbage dump and watching tv all day long (seen Home Alone guys?) to inviting your friends for a kick ass party !!


Breaking up is probably the best. I know most of you don’t agree. But imagine you’re tired. You don’t have to think of a good excuse to skip your dinner date or long talks over the phone. Just grab your jammies and get a good night sleep!!

Also, you can look totally ugly. This is especially for the ladies.

  • You can sleep anytime you want, you can wear the good old loose tee that you’ve missed for so long
  •  oil your hair
  • maybe catch up with your earlier life – watch the movies you liked (watch all the movies with awfully hot actors so that you forget all about your boyfriend/girlfriend), read the book that you bought but had no time to read.
  • What’s more  you even get yourself a pet dog!


What I am saying here is not that we should stop making friends or falling in love. What I am simply saying is that if ever, life throws you in a situation where you are alone, don’t be blue. Rather shout woo-hoo !! (okay that was a lame way of rhyming it but, you get my point. :P ) Being in a situation where there is no one around could probably be the best thing!!



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