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Five Reasons why we love Sachin Tendulkar


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The God of Cricket, the living legend, master blaster are a few words to describe a personality named Mr Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. There has not been a single Indian, who has not loved this man from the core of their hearts. He is one of those wonders, which India has to its account. Brain Lara called him ‘Cricketer of all times’ but he is any time more than that. Among many laurels he had won – the most prominent ones are Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award, and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, India’s highest sporting honour. His is the story, which cannot be replicated at least in this era. We just cannot stop loving him.

  • Mr Simple: He is one those beings who retain their humility even after conquering the whole world. He remembers his roots. His face is reflection of how good Sachin is. My mother used to tell me that everyone can rise to the top, but staying there is something what the legends do. And the phrase completely fits Sachin.
  • A no controversy king: The man was in the most talked sport of our country and happened to be the most talked about man in there. Even a career as long as 25 years could not connect to him any of the controversy. Our cricketers today stay in paparazzi by the names of their girlfriends or their behaviours in the party or their offensive statements but he had the ability to do away with all these.
  •  A complete family man:  He has always been spotted with his family and carried all the grace required to be a father and a husband. He wanted his mother to see his last match and got the ramp made under his own supervision. Dedicating all his centuries to list late father gives us a specimen of a big heart staying in this little master.
  • Emotional: Men ought not to be emotional but he is, and did not hide it.The thanksgiving speech made his fans numb. Some cried because the legend was not going to play anymore but some cried seeing him cry. He could remember everyone who had contributed to his success.
  • An epitome of patience: How many times has he been provoked on the field and off the field? We might not have any idea about but all that we know is, he jumps over everything very calmly. Shoib Akhtar’s remarks about his height, his game could have infuriated anyone. He kept his calm and answered all the provocations through his game.


He might not be playing now and never would. Someone might conquer his records. The country may get another Sachin in years to come. Nevertheless, he will always stay in our hearts.



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