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Never A Failure, Always A Lesson


Since this is the crucial result time, everyone has her/his fingers crossed, many have achieved what they were expecting, and many didn’t. But that’s not the end of it, we need to learn to lose gracefully. How truly said, failures are a part of our lives and we should take them in our stride. I know, it’s easier said than done but all of us are aware of the fact that winning power is impossible. Have faith that whatever happened, had a reason behind it, and it will bring you greater good in the future, which you can’t see at present. Failure and success are the two sides of the same coin. Everybody has certain qualities and certain shortcomings. Defeat does not mean that life has come to an end. Oh my God! What will I do in my life now! I see darkness all around, I will never be able to do anything, are the common expressions. But just think isn’t life too precious to be destroyed because you lost once. We should remember one thing that if we are ourselves in a state of depression, we will never be able to make our near and dear ones happy, we will only succeed in bringing greater misery to the ones we love. Failures are the stepping stones to success. They should inspire us, not make us despise ourselves. Instead of losing heart, it is better to analyse our shortcomings, improve on them and stride hard to achieve our targets. This is what distinguishes a winner from a loser. Mr. Abraham Lincoln, he had to accept defeat in almost all spheres of his life, for a good twenty years. All this did not weaken him, and finally he triumphed as the President of the United States of America.

The making of a champion called Sachin Tendulkar- an example of which many of us are unaware. It’s a story that Navjot Singh Sidhu loves to tell.

December 1989, Sialkot, Pakistan. It was the fourth test match of the India-Pakistan series as well as that of Sachin’s career. The series was level 0-0 after three test matches and thus this was the deciding match. But the odds seemed to be in Pakistan’s favor. Despite conceding a first innings lead of 65, Pakistan was reducing India to 38 for 4 in their second innings. India was suddenly staring at defeat. In walked Sachin to join Siddhu. Then Waqar bowled a nasty bouncer that went smack on Sachin’s nose. The poor boy was badly hit and his nose began to bleed profusely. Sidhu recalls walking down to a shaken-and still bleeding-Sachin. As the physio tried to stop the bleeding, Sidhu suggested Sachin to retire and come out later so that he could regain his composure. He feared this might just be the end of another promising career. But Sachin brushed them away, almost annoyed that they should even suggest that he walk away. ‘Main khelega!’ he said. ‘I’ll play.’ And in that moment Sidhu says a star was born. Those two words verbalised the fierce determination of a young man who wasn’t going to quit.

More we can enjoy sweets only if we know the taste of bitter. In order to have the real taste of victory, failures are essential. As a matter of fact we can never lose till we quit trying. Finally, I would like to conclude:  “Defeat comes to those who accept it. Try, try, try again till you succeed.”

Most of all believe that there is a promise in the dawn of everyday, new perspectives, new dreams to inspire and light the way.

Believe in yourself, within you is everything that you will ever need to make your dreams come true.

Reference for the example of Sachin Tendulkar- The Habbit Of Winning by Prakash Iyer



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