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DU admissions: what you’ll learn



“Beta, padhle. Admission leni hai na DU mein? Abhi padhle, ache college mein jaakr aish karna” Standard dialogue of every mother who has a kid in class: 12th. However much we deny the above statement, its reality won’t fade away. To get into a good college, you have to study really hard to get a good score on that marksheet, which actually becomes your future predictor. It’s unfortunate yet it’s the harsh reality of life. Well well well…. it’s admission time once again. The most dreaded yet most waited time of the year for all those who’ve just got their Class: 12th board results and are waiting for their results. A lot of queries and worries hit the children in this span of time.

“ eco ya bcom”?

“DU ya local university”?

“All girls or co-ed”?

If these queries hit you, then welcome to the club. You are absolutely normal. (Don’t worry about going crazy). This one month of June with DU form-filling, cut-offs dates will teach you a lot. And how? Read on.


  1. Patience: You’ve never waited in line. You’ve always got what you wanted in one go. But, its DU. Waiting patiently for those cut-offs will test your nerves. The frustration, anxiety and the fear of loss, will strike you. And the worst part? You can’t do anything about it. So go ahead and jump in the mayhem of DU.que
  2. Belief in God: This sounds funny but believe me your faith in God will suddenly invoke. You’’ go the temple, the gurudwara, the mosque and every freaking worship place you know off. And your prayer to God? “Oh God, just help me out this time. Acha college dilwado. I swear to work hard from the very first day of college” (which will never happen though)god
  3. Emotional cyclone: Your day will start and end with discussions and discussions and some more discussions. You’ll become an emotional cyclone. Happiness, nervousness, anxiety, disappointment. Be ready to experience it all.crazy


Sometimes I feel, giving board exams is better than going through the entire format of Du admissions. The wait kills you and the cut-offs murder you. No intention to scare you here, but yes, this month will be a life-changing month.(sounds melodramatic, but yes) So hook yourself to our site for various updates on DU admissions. The journey will be worth it.


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