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Before you read this article, you should know a little about my educational background for this article to make more sense. I did my BSc in Chemistry from DU and am now pursuing my MSc in Chemistry from IIT Delhi.

You often hear students struggling with choosing their field of interest. After being spoon-fed and given limited to no exposure in school, they are left on their own to make an important decision. Hence it is hardly surprising that many seek to change their field after college.

changing streams after masters

However, if you see a person going for a Master’s in a subject right after Bachelor’s, you would safely assume that they are actually interested in the subject. Going for a Master’s is a pretty big commitment, and people generally make that after being 100% sure.

However, I am something rarely heard of, i.e. I am changing my stream after completing a year of my Masters.

Changing Streams After Masters – The Experience So Far

To be honest, I did not choose Master’s because I was committed to my subject. I chose it because at that time, it seemed the only viable option and because everyone else in my class was doing it.

I am a classic example of herd mentality

I never hated Chemistry, but did I like it enough to make a career in it? Not really. The thought of doing a Ph.D. used to give me chills. I didn’t want to go for it..ever! So why did I choose this subject in the first place? The truth is not very ideal but if I have to pin it down in a few words, “Aise hi, sexy lag raha tha.

No, I am only kidding (or Am I? *sad wink*). I wanted to live the “amazing” DU life and eventually become an IAS officer. But, it was only a few months back that it dawned upon me that I am not cut for it given the dedication it demands, which I sincerely lack.

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So one day I sat down and did an elaborate internet search on my possible options. Everything led to 2 things – research and teaching, and I wanted to do neither. It became clear that I have to look for opportunities in alternate fields. 

I did multiple internships to find my interest, for real this time. And in the course, I realized that I may have a flair for management, something that I had never explored before. So I dived deep into it and eventually decided to go for an MBA post my current Master’s. 

It means that I have to juggle between two diametrically opposite fields right now and somehow excel at both of them because the cut-throat competition won’t take pity on my indecisive self.

So far, I am thoroughly enjoying the process of studying new things and super excited to walk down this path.

Takeaways For You

You may have judged me while reading this article, calling me fickle-minded or ambiguous. Truth be told, it sometimes scares me too. What if I, five years down the line, get bored of this too and seek an out?

But, one thing that I know would never change is my appetite to sit with the best minds. I want to meet people who inspire, learn from them, and keep on learning till the very end. 

Whatever I do in my career would be in line with that. Even if it requires me changing streams after Masters. The thought of doing it frightened me, but what frightened me even more was doing something that I would not be happy doing. 

I did not want to spend my life in a toxic relationship with my career, so I changed my partner. After having done things under “peer pressure” for so long, I am thankful to myself for taking this bold step and making a decision that suits me the best.

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