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Travelling alone is a feeling like no other. The freedom afforded, the limitless exploration down the unexplored path had me hooked from the very get-go, much more than travelling with a company has ever had. 

Ecstasy: a state of extreme happiness, especially when feeling pleasure.

That is exactly what I felt as I stepped inside Goa. The cool breeze off the beach gently smothered my face as I came out of Dabolim Airport. 

What Is So Special About Goa?

Honestly, there is no way to not sound cheesy when I describe Goa. The beauty of the place is unparalleled and to be fair, nothing does the place more disservice than just an article to its name.

However, I have taken a vow to write an article on this one trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

Not Rupi Kaur but a decent slam poet honestly (cross my heart)

I visited Goa on the simple errand of competing in a national poetry competition held at BITS Goa. After the regionals held in Kolkata, I was tasked with winning it in Goa. And thus, I went onwards into the state.

The enamour of watching the world pass you by seated on a bike is unparalleled, to say the least, and when the world is based in Goa, the world doubles up its beauty manifold. 

The distant sight of a man hugging the coconut tree at the very top of it still sends shivers down my spine. It’s no wonder as to why fenny (local liquor)  is a delight to drink when it takes a daredevil to harvest it. 

A Beach-y Tale

It would be a shame if someone visited Goa and never went to a beach. If such a person exists, do refer them to me. I shall whack the living daylight out of them. The actual antiquated beauty of Goa, as everyone who has been there will say, lies in its beaches.

Shackled yet freed sparks of light at Bogmalo

Bogmalo beach was my first destination after getting off my plane and out of the airport. The beauty of Bogmalo lies in the fact that it is well off the worn path that most tourists take.

Practically untouched, Bogmalo is a quaint place mostly frequented by students, locals and a few foreign tourists. I still can’t figure out how the latter came by the beach. 

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Not exactly a haven for shacks, unlike a few other beaches in the Goan mainstream, the few that are there have the friendliest of staff at your service.

Drinking a few pints of beer by the seaside in a Goan shack has always been a dream I have caressed through the years. I wish to go back in time and soak the experience in once more, however, reminiscence only makes one emotional. 

The dull yellow sand of Miramar, a beauty in itself

Now, as much as I loved Bogmalo, I couldn’t get myself to love Miramar beach the same way. As much as I longed to fall in love with Miramar, it never let me do it.

The nothingness of Miramar was disappointing, to say the least. However, what Miramar introduced me to was the beauty of Goa as a town.

A random township near Miramar, an expedition done well

As disappointing as Miramar was, it was still beautiful. The horizon dotted the skyline and the distant sight of cruise ships and launches made it all worth it. Word of advice though, if you want seashells, there are better places to get it from.

The cute (toy) doggo I met on my expedition through the streets of Miramar


Yes, it took a visit to a different city to finally watch The Local Train perform live in concert. The absolutely best Indian Rock band in India at the moment, The Local Train’s performance came after an extremely disappointing end to the poetry competition. 

Not a part of the plan but it’s the Local Train, who’s complaining?

The folks at BITS Goa had called upon amazing artists to perform in concert for the fest, and as luck would have it, they had contacted The Local Train. Starting from a banger to ending with another, my one true wish in life had been fulfilled and I could finally rest in peace.

Honestly, if anyone came to me and asked if I would visit Goa again, the only answer I will be able to give is a smirk and a gentle Jaykant Shikre throwback in my mind, “Welcome to Goa, Singham.” For when in Goa, do as the Goans do.

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