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Know Your Espresso From Your Latte: A Coffee Lover’s Guide


Are you a coffee enthusiast? Does it get your creative juices flowing, sponsoring your productivity every night? Your old friend in the dark that also keeps you functioning all day.


There is an array of options of coffee available to us now. But, if you aren’t a coffee connoisseur, you probably bumble holding the Starbucks menu.

So, here is a quick coffee glossary to help you know your coffee a little better.



Espresso is a strong black coffee.

How is it made?

A good quality espresso has a layer of rich dark golden cream on the surface.

It is made by forcing steam through dark-roast aromatic coffee beans at high pressure in an espresso machine to extract the heart of the flavours.

This creates a very concentrated drink, often topped with a layer of caramel-colored foam on top — the creme.

An espresso calls for breathing in the aroma while holding the cup and then drinking the entire coffee in quick gulps.

How to have my espresso?

Espresso may be taken with a small teaspoon of sugar. Having it “short” means that it has less water and is more concentrated, and “long” conversely uses more water which doesn’t have a strong taste.

It is a good choice for those who prefer robust coffee flavors.

Adding a small amount of steamed milk creates an espresso macchiato.

Topping an espresso with whipped cream makes it an espresso con panna.

A double shot of espresso is a Doppio.



A cappuccino is a combination of espresso, steamed milk and milk froth in equal parts. It is somewhere in between a macchiato and a latte.

How do I have my Cappuccino?

Cappuccino coffee can be garnished with cinnamon, cocoa or grated chocolate. In baristas, it is usually served with beautiful art on the foam of its milk, like leaves, swirls, flowers etc.

Ceramic cup is chosen for serving a cappuccino to confine the heat, and the open bowl allows you to taste the flavor of your drink. Iced cappuccino is a sought after summer drink.



A caffe latte consists of a single shot of espresso to three parts of steamed milk.

How do I have my Latte?

Sugar your Latte to discover the world of taste. Cookies, cake slices and even fresh Italian bread teamed with Latte will make for a perfect breakfast.



Mocha coffee is a combination of Espresso, steamed milk and chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream. It is, basically a chocolate flavored cafe latte.

If you prefer a sweeter taste in coffee, Mocha is for you. It is served in a glass and decorated with sprinkles, chocolate syrup or ice-cream.

Most important benefit of Mocha coffee – it is very delicious and a sweet drink.



It is a foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee.

Frappé is a very cold coffee.

It has a thicker foam layer as compared to espresso and has a different composition.

Frappé is served with a drinking straw and a glass of water.

How do I have my Frappé?

Ice cubes are a very important part of Frappé. It is a ritual to rotate the drinking straw mixing the drink and listening to the sound which is made then the ice cubes hit with each other and with the glass.



An Americano is a single shot of espresso added to a cup of hot water.

How to have my Americano? 

Many prefer their Americano with milk and/or sugar, but avid coffee drinkers suggest keeping milk to a minimum to get the most of the flavor from the espresso.

An Americano offers the drinker lighter body and less bitterness.

Hope this improved your coffee vocabulary. So, find out your favourite type of coffee drink and order confidently.

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