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If Pyar Ka Punchnama Was Made From a Girl’s Point of View?


Enough has been said about the fantastic, truth speaking movie “Pyar ka Punchnama“, how great it is, such amazing revelation, etc. etc.

But when I hear people talking about this movie or watch the songs or the speech, (Yes! I’ve still not seen the movie) the only thing I can think of is why this sequel wasn’t from a girl’s perspective?

Is the world assuming that boys are the poor little victims and girls are the only ones throwing tantrums? Oh come on! One movie was enough to comfort the poor victims.


The last movie was really funny, yes some girls do all the things shown in the movie and yes it is very irritating and oh! the poor little boys. But why again why not bring some change this time? Why not show the kind of boyfriends there are, whom the girls have to handle all the time.

So if the movie was from a girl’s perceptive:

The Plot:

The Plot will pretty much remain the same. So three girls who are friends (Yes! Girls can be really good friends). They date three really hot shot boys who make their life hell and in the end they break up and move on to become more Independent and free of this shit. The only difference will be that the girl’s will not move on and start hitting on other guys but will get arranged married by their parents saying “Bhout hogaya pyar vyaar”.


The Characters:

So like the original this one will also have three main characters.

One will be the Nerdy girl let’s call her Rekha, pass out from IIT working for INFOSYS, wears t-shirts and jeans and is in love with a guy who basically has been using her as Siri. So she does his calculations, his homework, and his presentations, basically everything that requires intelligence.

The second one is the Rock star Chick, Jaya. The one who tries to live on her rules, plays in a band and lives a rough life. But when it comes to a boy she is love stuck with the head guitarist of the band who breaks up with her every now and then.

And the third one is the typical Indian girl, Sushma who agrees to give up everything to suit the boy’s family life. So no shorts or skirts because boy doesn’t like, All kinds of fasts because boy’s mummy likes and no chicken ever because boy’s family is a vegetarian.

The Songs:

The songs would be more about motivating woman to fight and say things. This has started sounding like an inspirational biopic now. Ha! Ha!

But of course the best will be the songs where you dress up boys in lengha choli and make them realize the importance of woman in their life.


The Speech:

The speech will be a long (Yes let’s make it 15 minutes) where a girl talks about how irritating it is when boy’s leave their wet towel on the bed! And how creating a romantic scenario with flowers and chocolates is not the solution to everything. Yes we like to talk about things how that is worse than sitting on the sofa and watching cricket all day.


We have a long list, you can hear it another fellow girl who feels this at

The Ending:

But even after all the drama; this movie will never be a hit because people don’t expect girls to complain because we are the “Adjusting Gender”. We don’t speak for ourselves, we say yes to everything, all the other feminist things.


Moreover the movie producer will be sued badly by any Feminist organization if they show three girls in a dog collar on their knees in front of three boys.

So yeah! Irony in life.

This movie will still be cool to watch. I’ll be the one whistling the loudest, at the speech.

Nishita Karun
Nishita Karun
Love to talk love to traveller poems stories all I can babble. Student at Nift read my articles to know more.



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