Another incident involving Swiggy took place when its delivery agent had left a customer dissatisfied and scrambling for an alternative meal. 

So, What’s This Delivery Debacle Like?

A Swiggy customer, Neha S, found herself in a soup when the delivery agent assigned by the food delivery app refused to show up. She claimed that the food was meant for her children but they had to eventually settle for Maggi noodles.

“I have ordered something from Swiggy. I have not received the order. Your delivery boy refused to deliver the order and said ‘mere pas time nahi hai jo karna hai kar lo nahi le kar aunga order‘. Where to go now?” Neha S wrote on X. 

She had ordered a vada pav and a roll for her children who, due to the delay, had to manage with Maggi instant noodles.

How Did Swiggy React To This?

In response to Neha’s outcry, Swiggy later clarified that the matter was resolved over a call; and the company had also offered a refund, addressing the issue promptly. 

Reassuring Neha, they stated, “@Neha_ns9999 Hope the team could sort this out over call. We’re right here should you need us for anything :)”.

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How Did The Social Media Users React?

The incident sparked discussion among social media users, with some noting the coincidence of the delivery agent sharing a name with the captain of the Indian cricket team, Rohit Sharma. Moreover, concerns were raised regarding the pricing of the vada pav, typically available at a fraction of the cost charged by Swiggy.

Buying vada pav at 100 bucks is a crime and sin and you paying for it,” exclaimed one user, highlighting the disparity in pricing. Another user added humorously, “On a lighter note, Rohit Sharma has already delivered a win for India today” (February 5). 

Similar incidents were also brought to light when some users voiced recurrent issues with Swiggy’s delivery service, citing instances where delivery personnel falsely marked orders as delivered or cancelled, causing customer inconvenience and financial implications.

A person shared, “This kind of thing is common in Swiggy and had been happening for years, delivery guys marking the order delivered/cancelled and then running off with the food, while swiggy tells you that you cancelled the order and makes you pay for it.”

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