Everyone is eagerly waiting for the coronavirus vaccine to come and inoculate all of us against this pandemic. We all know, as per reports, the vaccine would be available by the end of the year. Still, people closely follow day-to-day developments in the COVID-19 vaccines.

People are sparing no effort to safeguard their families and themselves. However, there are still some empty-headed people who are not following social distancing norms and risking their and other people’s lives.

Some people are not only overseeing themselves and their loved ones but are stepping forward to help needy people in this unforeseeable situation. Every day we see loads of stories of our unsung heroes who are lending a helping hand to the underprivileged.

Another Story To Acknowledge

We have heard stories of celebrities, businessmen, and a handful of communities coming forward to help the needy by arranging funds, distributing food and helping the workers to move back to their village.

Recently, another unheralded hero amidst coronavirus carried out its social responsibility in a remarkable way. Based in Jammu and Kashmir, one of the oldest Urdu newspapers named ‘Roshni‘, attached masks on its front page and distributed it to their readers for free so that they can wear it to fight coronavirus.

Roshni attached the masks on its Tuesday edition with the message of social awareness that said, “Mask ka istemal zaroori hai” with an arrow pointing to the mask. It also added a subtext that said,

“With this, not only you but those around you can also stay protected from coronavirus”.

The newspaper is priced at just 2 rupees. So, this exceptional step is being applauded by the readers and people all over India.

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Jahed Shora, the person behind this innovative idea had been disappointed with the careless attitude of the state people when lockdown in major parts of the state was lifted and people started stepping out of their houses without wearing masks.

Zahoor Ahmad Shora, the Editor-In-Chief of Daily Roshni explained to ‘Free Press Kashmir‘, the need of the idea.

He said, “We thought it was important at this time to send out this message to the public, and this was a good way of making them understand the importance of wearing a mask“. He also added how they had to hire more people to attach the mask so that the newspaper with a free mask could reach to every reader.

He mentioned that the only idea was to spread awareness and not to distribute masks.

Getting Lauds From Everywhere

As soon as the readers received the newspaper, they were fascinated by this social deed and heartwarming gesture of the publisher and shared the images of the newspaper on social media.

People soon started praising their initiative and how they took social responsibility to another level. A lot of people shared this story on their social media and appreciated this action of the publisher.

According to Zahoor Ahmad Shora, the newspaper was going through a lot of losses due to the lockdown since August. They were concerned about people’s safety disregarding their continuous losses. This should be a lesson to all the publishers who sell their front page to wealthy politicians!

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