September 14: Humayun Alamgir started his career as a fashion designer in 2005, and now he has become an important asset that contributes to the fashion industry. Through his creative fashion design, he has successfully set a milestone in menswear. At his beginning level, he opened his first store, and now with handwork and passion, Humayun Alamgir is now the owner of 5 stores. Humayun Alamgir had opened his 1st branch, which was zamzama, in August 2007. It was just the starting of his brand after that he opened his 2nd branch in Lahore in January 2013. The journey doesn’t stop here; in November 2016, he launched his Tariq Road branch, which was his 3rd branch. After that, he launched his studio in March 2018, and now Humayun Alamgir, a successful brand, launched its 5th branch in May 2021 in Bahria town Karachi. He has recently launched a series of watches and perfumes. He has done two big shows in Pakistan, which are Fashion Pakistan Week and Bridal Couture Week. He presented his new collection on the ramp of Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW), 2019.

He also presented his new perfume collection, NAWABZADA, at the 17th edition of Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week.

There is sad news for the Humayun Alamgir fans. The Humayun Alamgir has not been nominated this year either for the lux style award (LSA) 2021 or hum award 2021. It has been 14 years that Humayun Alamgir has opened his brand. But after so much struggle and hardships and now being a successful brand, he did not even nominate for the award. The Humayun Alamgir brand is globally recognized, and despite so many successful shows and tremendous responses from the public, he has not been nominated in either lux style award 2021 or hum award 2021. There is no dubiety that the Humayun Alamgir brand has gained a community of vehement customers worldwide. Humayun Alamgir has been serving the fashion industry for 14 years, and he is promoting fashion around every corner of the country, but his brand didn’t get the award which his brand deserved.  If they don’t want to give him the award, at least they should have nominated the Humayun Alamgir brand. And the nomination of the Humayun Alamgir brand was confirmed, but due to some favouritism, his nomination was superseded. Humayun Alamgir had already performed two shows: Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) 2019 and HUM Bridal Couture Week (BCW). So, on the basis of these two shows, his nomination was confirmed. Before this, he had already successfully performed seven shows, which are 5 Bridal Couture Week (BCW) and 2 Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW), and many more. 

The Humayun Alamgir brand is liked by many celebrities such as Shoaib Malik, Fawad Alam, Umar Akmal, Fahad Mustafa, Waseem Badami, and other Artists who recognized the Humayun Alamgir brand as a successful brand.


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