Your wedding is special. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event where two souls become one; it’s an experience that will remain in your hearts forever. Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett, believes in curating your dream wedding with a touch of something unique, something you will remember for the rest of your lives!

You will be right in the heart of nature at Aahana, the beautiful and the life-affirming presence of nature as you get ready to start your brand new life together as a couple. Nestled between the glorious woodland of Corbett National Park, Aahana Resort  brings to you the enchantment of a luxurious woodsy wedding that takes place underneath the stars. Spread over 13.5 acres of sprawling greens with 48 victorian style rooms Aahana is a perfect place for an intimate wedding. 

All of the venues are designed to give you the best of culture, traditions, and style; all very chic and fun at the same time. From pre-wedding rituals to the main ceremony to all fun activities, the dedicated wedding designers at Aahana will take care of every aspect of your special day. Allow them to bring together a delightful blend of local and urban traditions, delectable international gourmet cuisines and the best of Indian classics, a top-notch luxurious experience, and the unmissable environment-friendly approach. 

Aahana, with its unique approach, seamlessly blends luxury, comfort, and social and ecological responsibilities to give you an experience that is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. The feel-good feeling that comes with the realisation that your fairytale wedding was one with a minimum carbon footprint! Now, isn’t that something one can be proud of?

With Go-Green as their base theme, they are the best in the field, the wedding plans involve eco-friendly alternatives, thus cutting down on the strain any major event tends to put on our Mother Nature. What they will curate for you is an exotic wedding experience without compromising on luxury. 

Aahana can be your perfect wedding destination with its serene and romantic glade for the many wedding ceremonies and rituals. If you hope to rekindle your passion for the beautifully wild yet luxurious, Aahana awaits you! 

Why Aahana ?

  • Only a 5 hour drive from New Delhi, Aahana is very well connected by road, railway as well as air. 
  • The spa and naturopathy centre at Aahana are carefully designed to meet your personal wellness needs. There are a variety of natural therapies to choose from along with pre-bridal beauty treatments. 
  • The resort offers both indoor and outdoor venues and custom designs the decor that will sit perfectly with your personal style. 
  • The resort not only offers a beautiful venue, their team of wedding designers take care of every aspect of the wedding. 

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