OYO Rooms and Hotels, a fast-growing start-up, a paradise for unmarried couples and the king in the market of budget hotels are giving out great deals nowadays.

OYO has been a success, owing to the great deals and the comfort it offers and the hard working management of the company. It has now ventured into various areas, including food and beverages, thus, diversifying its business.

Apart from those mentioned above, another reason for the success of OYO rooms is its loyalty towards its customers. OYO, no doubt, gives the best discounts and offers but the latest one is going to blow your mind off.

A sale that started yesterday is offering hotel rooms at a rate of Rs.1 and Rs.99. Can’t believe it? Read below.

Hotel Room @ Rs.1

OYO secretly started a sale yesterday whereby the rooms were available for just Rs.1.

The sale was live twice yesterday, once at 4 pm and then at 7 pm. The sale was available only on selected hotels but in some, breakfast was not included.

A coupon, FLASH1, was applicable to these hotels which reduced the price of the hotel from its original cost to just a single rupee.

The drawbacks in this sale were that:-

1.    Limited number of hotels were listed in the offer.

2.    The hotels were not at the most preferred locations of the city.

3.    None of the listed hotels was OYO Flagship hotels.

For those who don’t know, OYO Flagship hotels are those which are both owned and managed by OYO and they maintain a better standard of hospitality than the normal OYO hotels listed on the app/ website.

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Hotel Room @ Rs. 99

For those who missed this wonderful offer yesterday, no need to be disheartened. OYO has taken care of you.

The company has come up with another offer today where they give away hotel rooms at a rate of Rs. 99 only. The same rules of yesterday’s sale apply today as well; the only variation is in the rates.

This offer comes with a perk for those who have OYO Money or OYO Rupee in their account. You can use your OYO Rupee or OYO Money on these bookings, further reducing the costs.

P.S.: 1. These offers are valid only for bookings for any date before 31st March 2019.

         2. One needs to pay at the time of booking and cannot cancel the booking.

         3. Only one room could be booked from one account.

Though there is no notification from OYO regarding any future offers in the same course but what’s wrong with expecting something good. :P

Apart from this, there are many other lucrative offers on the app like 60% off and 33% off.*

Whatever the reason behind this generous offer may be but it has indeed made the day for many people out there.

*Terms and Conditions applied

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