The issue around the protection of the cow evidently is premised upon grave religious connotations. The superior status that has been granted to the cow has received incessant criticism by the opposition and the lay population.

The very idea that greater importance has been given to the security and protection of cows than to those of women, is an angering stance in itself. These ideas are repeatedly fed when talks of creating shelters or gau-shalas for the safety and protection of cows are wandering about.

There is however, a startup, that has created ‘luxurious gau-shalas with a 5-star rating’. Here’s taking a look:


An Uttar Pradesh based budget hotel company called ‘Goyo rooms’ has come up with an innovative idea for protecting cows. They have created luxury ‘gau-rooms’ for cows within their hotels.

Manoj Sharma, director of ‘Goyo rooms’, has said that he saw an entrepreneurial opportunity in this venture, as many of the state funded gau-shalas had impressive provisions for cows.

“Each room is fitted with heaters for winters and air conditioners for summer and Olympic sized swimming ponds for the more active cow”, says Sharma.

The facility is strongly supported by UP chief minister, Yogi Adityanath.

Not just cows, but even humans have rented these massive, luxurious rooms for their family vacations.

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With incidents of lynching, the beef ban, protests and criticism against cow protection driven policies and the intermixing of politics with religion, it is no surprise that cows are attributed a divine, motherly status.

What is interesting is that as much as this initiative by ‘Goyo rooms’ is peculiar and will perhaps make people laugh or even question the kind of world they live in, it is not something I hadn’t anticipated.

Can you imagine cows and people swimming in common pools together? This itself can serve to be a tourist attraction. It’s like a personal zoo for cows, only they’re incorporated into the habitat of people and not that of cows.

Ironically, in India, cows and humans share pretty much the same environment. Cars and cows alike form a part of traffic jams.

So all said and done, while the idea is interesting, it’s not surprising.

Who knows, maybe sometime in the future cows might even be flying first class to get treatment abroad!

Sources: Arre, Scroll

Image Source: Google Images

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