We live in a competitive world full of competitive sperms. We are constantly rushing, wanting the unattainable perfect life and often forget to take a break in this process. This constant hustle attitude, could tire us out and make us miserable.

According to the recently-released findings of the 2018 Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey – Future Assured, conducted by Cigna TTK Health Insurance, 9 in 10 Indians are suffering from stress.

In fact, the number in our country is higher than most of the developed and emerging countries. This indicates that there is no concept of self-care in our country.

The concept of self-care has just not been normalized enough in our country. Self-care basically means putting your needs first before the needs of others, making sure that you are listening to your body’s needs.

It is about having your cup full first. This is the complete reverse of the narrative that social media tells us.

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Social media portrays self-care as a hobby that only the elite class pursues. For them, it is all about splurging on face masks and getting relaxing spas.

Self-care in the media is shown as women taking a day off to shop in order to recharge their batteries or people going out to aesthetic places for coffee.

The whole beauty community and a lot of YouTubers make money out of this whole treat yourself concept. The marketers use it to their advantage and force matcha teas and skin care kits down people’s throats.

The build-up is such that self-care doesn’t come off as a basic thing that one needs to do, it comes off as a luxury that only the rich can afford.

The need of the hour is to normalize it as a necessity and not as a luxury. Like one could obviously enjoy bubble baths and spas, but it is important for us to see that there is much beyond the luxurious stuff to it.

Self-care may not always be pretty, and may not always look like it is something that could be documented. It is not always about doing the expensive stuff. It could mean different things to different people. It’s as unique as a person is.

Sometimes it could be as simple as calling a friend and telling them about your day, or just taking a simple stroll around your local park. It should never be thriving on complexity, I mean there should be nothing such as too busy for self-care.

The media should stop associating it with the elite and should start conveying the practice as a daily need, for all kinds of people, at all age groups.

A set of simple self-care activities, which may or may not cost anything, is the only way to ensure that we do not end up as overworked and anxious beings.

Let us all accept the concept of self-care as a necessity. So, take out some time off your busy schedule today and recharge your batteries!

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