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Is Pursuing M. Tech Environmental Engineering A Wise Option?


Environmental engineering is an off-tack engineering programme that prepares its graduates to work towards a wiser cause. Are you looking to get trained to develop innovative solutions to environmental problems? Then check out the following list of employment opportunities that an environment engineering M. Tech programme has to offer you.

1. Public Health:

In the public health sector, environmental engineers oversee all the factors related to the municipality and strive to obtain a beneficial outcome for both people and the natural setting.

This is one of the fastest-growing career paths among the many sectors of public health. It will not only provide you with a satisfying job setting but also employment stability that the healthcare field has to offer.

As an environmental engineer, you will be referred to as a public health scientist and typically engage in studying nature and communities to determine their future outcomes and impacts. 

2. Industrial Hygiene:

Passing out with an M. Tech degree in Environmental Engineering will allow you to apply for a job as an industrial hygienist. The professionals are hired to observe workplace safety and the use of toxic substances in the workplace.

They are experts at analysing materials such as industrial cleaning fluids and testing chemicals and particles from industrial processes that might pose potential public health consequences for people and the environment.  

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3. Radiation Protection:

As an environmental engineering M. Tech graduate, you will gain the ability to evaluate the life-cycle environmental impacts and implementation settings for potentially hazardous nuclear fuel cycles.

This will make you eligible to take up jobs such as nuclear protection technician in various industrial sectors. You can find job roles in nuclear laboratories across the world to create methodologies for determining the long-term environmental impact of nuclear waste storage and disposal systems.  

4. Air Pollution Control:

Completing this programme will provide you with an in-depth understanding of all emission sources and the processes that transfer the emissions into the atmosphere.

While appointed in the air pollution control division you will be required to focus on the causes of air pollutant formation in process technologies. In addition to this, you will also be accountable for the identification of sources for mitigating air pollutant emissions. 

5. Land Management:

The knowledge in land use and environmental planning gained through this programme will allow you to take up job roles that require mitigation of urban sprawl and haphazard.

You can look for careers in local, regional, state or international government agencies, as well as in private consulting firms and environmental advocacy organisations.

If you are keen on landing a purposeful career path in the future then the above-mentioned job roles surely have sparked your interest. Apply for an M. Tech environmental engineering course today to become a saviour of Mother Nature!

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