Meghan Markle hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to being a member of the royal family. 

Ever since her engagement to Prince Harry was announced, she’s been subject to intense scrutiny from people around the world. 

From her race and her being a woman of colour, to her being an actress, being a divorcee and more, all were seen as things not suitable to be the next Duchess of the royal family. 

People, especially the ardent followers of the royal family were skeptical of her from minute one and unable to accept her as part of the family. 

The recent news of Harry and Meghan wanting to step away from the main royal family, live in Canada and not get fully funded by the royal funding all have come as a massive shock to many people. 

Although it’s not that unusual for royal members to step away from the royalty and have a semi normal lifestyle, but till date this had never been done by the immediate family of the Queen. 

This has once again roused the anger and contempt that people and media have against Meghan, calling her a family breaker, snatching the precious son away, brainwashing Harry etcetera. 

A recent tweet though caught my eye in which the user was calling out Meghan for allegedly trying to copy her late mother in law, Princess Diana. 

Is Meghan Copying Princess Diana?

User @DrJamesKen3 had made this comparison a week back where he put up an image of Meghan and Princess Diana side by side, with both of them wearing eerily similar outfits.

Frankly to me this is taking things to another level entirely. You cannot be so nit-picky as to be taking offence to a pose that both the women have posed in. 

Next, they will say that you can’t wear a black dress because Princess Diana wore a very similar once and in doing so, you’re just trying to copy her. 

First of all, there is little that is really original in today’s time. I can probably pull up thousands of other models all over the world who have done the same pose. 

But the truly interesting thing is that this photo was taken much before she got married to Prince Harry in 2018. 

The photo of Meghan is from her trip to Rwanda that she took in 2016 as part of her work as the global ambassador for the charity organisation ‘World Vision’. 

She was in Rwanda working for a campaign aiming at clean water and interacted with locals and children there. 

Interestingly, if you look at the full photo, you can see that it was a candid moment and did not look like something she was consciously posing for. 

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What Does This Say About The People?

To be honest, it is a little strange to see how people are demonising Meghan and victimising Prince Harry. 

Many comments I’ve read on social media posts are saying ‘poor Harry’ and she is brainwashing him, as if he is some innocent child she has any control over and not a fully grown man with a sensible head. 

Also if you think about it, it is Meghan who is following in the footsteps of Princess Diana in the real sense, unlike Kate Middleton, to whom the media is always comparing Meghan with. 

Diana used to go by the beat of her drum, it was she who would often speak out against the royal family, exposing some of their controlling and discriminatory acts. It was Diana who never really liked the privacy invasion by the media. 

On another note, the whole comparison with Kate is just another case of racism where people want the pure white virgin to be the ideal female. Who said Europe is more progressive than India?

People are quick to judge Meghan when she wears dresses or accessories similar to Princess Diana but are even quicker to applaud Kate for wearing dresses that are similar to that of Diana. 


Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: India Today, Time

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