Watch: Gigolo Markets In India Are Thriving Right Under Your Nose

Gigolos can be summed up as male prostitutes. They are men who are picked by women as their escorts or lovers and in return, the men get money for their services. These services may be in the form of companionship or sexual pleasures or both.

There are various gigolo markets in Delhi, the capital of India and apart from offline contacting, gigolo services can be booked online as well.

Indian laws have criminalized pimping of women, however, male prostitution is still beyond the scope of the legislation.

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Due to less sensitivity towards crimes against men and male sexual abuse, the gigolo industry is free from legal scrutiny and regularization which exposes gigolos to a higher risk of physical and sexual abuse and violence.

To know more about this industry, watch the video below:

Image Sources: Google Images

Sources: News Track Live, Delhi Gigolo Club, Naukrinama

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  1. Sir I loss my family in corona plz my mom Dad both Death so I need job plz take mi in gigolo market


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