Fake dates are now being used as a source of education in India before people go on real dates. Fake dates are professional services provided by institutes to help people navigate the world of relationships effortlessly

Contemporary India is surely and steadily taking a sure albeit hesitant step towards dating and finding love on its own. Yet, it is not unknown that the intermingling of sexes outside of familial relations still leads to raised eyebrows. Coupling that with previous traumas, it is sure that dating does not come easily to us. Hence, the trope of fake dating.

Why Fake Dating?

Primarily, it can be said that fake dating helps to build confidence to be more open on an actual date. It is not easy to understand the thoughts and feelings of the other person, especially on initial dates. With the advent of dating apps and the availability of endless options, one wrong move could lead to the termination of a budding relationship.

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“Dating surrogates” help the willing candidates to understand the nuances of dating. These dating surrogates observe the behaviour, and share tips and insights in real time to help the participants to conduct themselves better on actual dates.

The cost of fake dating can vary from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 80,000. Participants are made aware of why and who they want to date, and what are their likes and dislikes.

What good does it do?

People who have been out of the dating game for many years are helped in relearning the updated dating laws. The newly learnt dating etiquettes help them navigate their dates better and without much hassle.

They are also taught how to handle rejection and move on to a person better suited for them. It’s a healthy approach to the world of dating, especially in a country like India where gender expectations are dominant over other criteria.

What do you think of preparing for dates like a job interview? Would you do it yourself? Do tell us in the comments!

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