The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is an examination that needs to be cleared by students who wish to get MBBS or BDS courses in Indian medical or dental colleges. The exams are conducted by the National Testing Agency and are conducted for undergraduates and postgraduates. The NEET PG this year is scheduled for March 5.

The test was already delayed previously and now again students are protesting for the postponement of exams. The doctors are also on the streets demanding “Justice for NEET PG aspirants”.

Protests being held to postpone NEET

However, this is just one side of the story. While some want the exam to be postponed, for others it is causing serious issues. Even the doctors have been overworked and burdened with double responsibilities.

Past Year Trends  

Originally NEET UG is supposed to take place in the first week of May, while NEET PG is conducted in January. However, in the year 2020, though NEET PG was held on time, NEET UG got delayed till September.

In 2021, NEET PG got delayed twice and finally was held in September, and NEET UG again was held in September. That year the exams were delayed as the Supreme Court revised to determine the Economically Weaker Section quota for NEET admissions.

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In 2022 too, exams got delayed with the PG exam being held in May and UG in July.

As there has been a delay in exams, the counseling procedures are also delayed further. As a usual trend, counseling begins within two months of the results being declared. But, during the past few years, this period has been extended by four to six months.

How Does It Affect Medical Institutions?

Dr. Manish, a resident doctor at Safdarjung Hospital said, “The delayed examination has led to huge stress in the current medical workforce. With first-year students (PG) coming in months after the scheduled dates, doctors have to put in twice the number of working hours.”

He further added, “The PG medical course is three years long. The graduating batch gives the exam and leaves according to schedule, but first-year students are joining eight-to-nine months late. We operate in hospitals with a third of the staff missing.

Owing to this, the 24-hour shift which is allotted to every doctor about five times a month is now getting allotted 10-12 times a month.” He termed the working hours “inhuman” and said that 24-hour shifts get slipped into 36 hours.

Students Under Stress And Demotivated

For those preparing for NEET-UG, the constant delays result in a lack of motivation and stress.

Dr. Gaurav Gupta of Resonance coaching centre in Kota said, “The delayed exam has a two-pronged effect — first it shortens the first year of college for students. It is the year when they learn the basics of the human body. If this year is crunched, their learning curve gets negatively impacted. Secondly, students prepare on a schedule, and if the exam is delayed, their entire routine goes haywire, affecting their performance.”

Though NTA is working to bring the exams back to schedule, however, the exams this year too have been delayed and a certain section of students want them to be postponed further. 

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