We have seen a rise in dating applications recently. The massive growth of these platforms has made dating an online affair. A Pear Ring social experiment now is trying to eliminate these dating platforms. As a part of their promotion, they are asking singles to put a pear emoji in their Instagram bios.

A huge number of people have reportedly joined this experiment to get rid of the online dating culture. This is said to be a real-life social experiment that is live in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Canada, and Australia. It will soon be launched in other countries as well.

What Is The Idea Of a Pear Ring?

According to its website, The Pear Ring is the opposite of engagement rings. Wearing one signals to others that an individual is single and looking to strike up a relationship. The Pear ring is a small turquoise band that has become a symbol of being single and open to a relationship. This is also equated to creating real-life connections instead of online dating.

The website says, “For £19.99, you’ll get three Pear rings in three different sizes, as well as a unique membership number, an invite to PearFest, and access to exclusive free events in [their] city.” According to their website, the stock is selling out soon. Their Instagram has garnered over 1,62,000 followers.

Boredom In Dating Apps

Most of the young generation is used to swiping, chatting, and matching that the idea of meeting someone in real life seems alien. The terror of striking up a conversation with a complete stranger is the reason why dating apps boomed.

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Also, the fear of being rejected led to the emergence of dating apps. But these dating apps also lead to social anxiety due to rejection though the rejections are less intense than in-person encounters. 

According to recent research from the dating app Inner Circle, 61% of the population surveyed in the UK, 61% of people said they feel nervous to approach someone in real life. Men find the fear of being creepy a major deterrent in approaching women, whereas women do not approach because of the fear of sexual harassment.

This Pear Ring, therefore, will help in identifying people who really wish to get into relationships without being doubtful of their move.

pear ring

Is This Pear Ring Feasible?

Pear Rings might be seen as a symbol for making real-life connections, but it does not make sense to spend money on a ring when the connection can be created just by being a bit brave to approach someone and accept rejections gracefully. Millions of rings have already sold out, which means people are paying for what they can anyway do without a ring. 

The ring can simply be seen as an insertion of consumerism in an activity that would have happened naturally. Also, wearing the ring gives others more authority to approach the person than empowering the wearer themselves. Hence,  the idea of the ring seems far from being feasible. 

Humans are social animals, and nature has provided us with hearts, brains, and speech to connect to people. We do not need an extra ring to make real-life connections. 

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