I am not going to spill a box load of reasons stringing them back to the meet-cute situations in romantic comedies as to why dating older men is no longer skeptical.

Or let’s check that route for a while and see if our life fits in the contentious whereabouts depicted.

As Good As it Gets? Age is just a number for Jack Nicholson’s misanthropic and annoying character wooing a waitress half his age. In the end, it was the strong relationship that melted anyone’s heart away.

Date Older Men

Manhattan? Even if Woody Allen’s narcissistic character was in denial of his love for an age-inappropriate girl, you were made sure that life is a wrapped box of missed opportunities profoundly endearing.

Date Older Men

Lost in Translation?  You are bound to find “ Lost in Translation” moments where you are about to discover your platonic relationship teetering on a more-than-friendship phase.

Date Older Men

As someone who has preferred older men above younger ones, I have my reasons.

P.S. Don’t laugh at me if I am still on the lookout for George Clooney like sophistication.

Never-ending and Animated Conversations

I have had been to potentially awkward first dates where breaking the ice doesn’t lead to any positive story. But with an older guy, his worldly understanding of life and advice spices up conversational experience.

If you recall any work issue or life hack, an older guy can guide you through instead of just building castles in the air.

Date Older Men

See, those extra years of life actually count!

Texting Games Are Boring

I have seen relationships where people spend their whole day just texting and calling each other. They seem to have tossed their other responsibilities to the wind.

I cannot handle texting games anymore. I have been through the anxiety attacks wondering about the time and the volume of texts sent or received.

Dating Older Men

An older guy has had his fair share of dating games. He is more inclined to open up and maturely share his thoughts and feelings without expecting the same from you.

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For Those Who Don’t Value Appearance

A superficial sheen of appearance was kind of teenage fad. When you grow up, the idea seems ridiculous while deciding on a partner. Personalities never fade unlike appearances while finding a perfect partner for your life.

Date Older Men

Don’t you feel trashed if someone attributed a relationship strictly based on looks?

Note: An older guy will appreciate you for genuine reasons beyond physical appearance. That’s a 5 out of 5 for me.

Say Goodbye to Jealousy

“Sick jealousy” in men is detrimental to the relationship. A raging jealous man can criticize you in a burst of fury over misunderstandings. He would lower your self-esteem constantly bragging how lucky you are to have him.

Dating Older Men

And the worst of all, something would come up that needs your time to make sure you are always within his sight.

An older guy respects your space as he is confident in himself and why you choose him.

Well, if you scratch off the surface, older men actually seem more attractive with age.

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