Social media is always bustling with new trends and challenges, fashion being the primary theme of most of them. Influencers and fashion bloggers are now raging over Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

But why is TikTok’s “mascara” trend suddenly a hot topic among the youth, and what is so special about it?

What Is TikTok’s Mascara Trend? 

The “mascara” trend on TikTok is a secret code for women to discuss their sex and dating lives, and incidents of sexual harassment, without being penalized for using censored language. The hashtag #mascaratrend is used under posts where women talk about their partners and sexual experiences through the use of implicit metaphors.

“Mascara” is a term for sex or a sexual partner, and the term “mascara wand” is a code for penis. Other metaphors, like “wandless mascara” and “lip gloss” are used to indicate sex with female partners.

TikTok still treats “sex” as a hush-hush word, and its strict media guidelines restrain people from openly and publicly talking about anything related to sex. But the viral “mascara” trend allows the youth to dodge TikTok’s moderation policies and discuss female sexuality without shame or hindrance.

Videos and posts shared with the hashtag #mascaratrend have become a sensation among TikTok users, securing millions of views and social commentary.

Secret Sex And Relationship Talk 

Netizens have gotten creative with their code language, and TikTok’s mascara trend is a perfect example of that. The youth are sharing their relationship stories and sexual experiences through videos and posts with the viral hashtag #mascaratrend.

For example, one of the users wrote, “I have a favorite mascara but I don’t want it to be my favorite mascara so I’ve tried moving on to different mascaras but I just can’t get my mind off my favorite mascara, it will always be my favorite. (This isn’t about mascara).”

Another user wrote, “The one mascara I ever really liked ended up damaging my eyelashes really badly so now I’m too scared to try any new mascaras because I can’t take my eyelashes being damaged again.”

Someone shared her relationship trauma and wrote, “My mascara chose to stick its wand in another tube after living in my make-up bag for three years.” She added, “Now I just use false lashes because I’m scared to get a new mascara in case it happens again.”

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Opening Up About Sexual Assault 

TikTok’s “mascara” trend also proved to be helpful to many youngsters who were able to open up about their experiences of sexual assault and molestation through the code language.

Victims often find it difficult to openly talk about their traumas and histories of sexual assault. But it appears that they feel more comfortable sharing their experiences through secret codes or without having to disclose their identity.

A TikTok user named Conor Whipple shared a video of himself and wrote in the on-screen caption, “I gave this one girl mascara one time and it must’ve been so good that she decided her and her friend should both try it without my consent.” 

In response to Conor’s post, actress Julia Fox said, “Idk why but I don’t feel bad for u lol.” After being called out and trolled for her insensitive comment, Fox explained that she didn’t understand the video was a code for sexual harassment and not about makeup.

Julia Fox apologized to the TikTok user, saying, “Hey babe, I’m so sorry I really thought u were talking about mascara like as in make up. I’m sorry that happened to u.” She added, “I wasn’t on the side of TikTok that was doing this trend and I thought u were talking about getting ur make up stolen!!!! I’m sorry babe I hope ur ok.”

Experts Share Their Opinions 

Some of the experts praised TikTok’s “mascara” trend for encouraging people to open up about their traumatic encounters and seek support.

Dr. Amanda, an educational and child psychologist, claims, “the most helpful place to start is ensuring that young people feel comfortable and safe talking about their experiences and bodies in a universally understood way.”

On the other hand, others thought the trend was silly and demeaning as it trivialized a matter so serious as sexual assault.

A sexual trauma professional, Danny Greeves, said, “Topics that would usually command empathy, understanding and sensitivity become trivialized. When that occurs – such as with the mascara trend – deeply painful and traumatic events such as sexual assault are minimized.”

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