The word ‘Pohela Boishakh’ means the first day of Vaisakha Masa (read Boishakh Mash, like an authentic Bengali). This is the new year day for Bengalis according to the Bengali calendar. The way Telugus celebrate Ugadi, Punjabis celebrate Vaisakhi and Assamese celebrate Bihu, we Bengalis celebrate this new year quite traditionally. 

Significance of Pohela Boishakh

Considered as an auspicious day, Pohela Boishakh for Bengalis is the new beginning. Be it offering puja to Laxmi and Ganesha, the launch of a music video or a Bengali cinema or wearing new clothes and visiting relatives – these are the basic traits of Bangla Noboborsho. 

But Bengali New Year is not restricted to only these events and gives Bongs a chance to go shopping, eating and having fun with zero restrictions. We Bongs literally start our new year with a bang. Since childhood, this is how Pohela Boishakh has looked to me! 

But this year, everything has changed. The massive outbreak of COVID-19 put a pause to all the enjoyment and this special day too will be spent in isolation. There is no shopping during Chaitra Sale, no Charak Mela, not even shop-hopping for Haal khata! Bengalis will be missing every single bit of it! 

Here is a list of events Bengalis are definitely missing during this Pohela Boishakh:

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What are you missing because of the lockdown? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box.

Images and Content Idea: @UrmiKhasnobish

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