When I first came across the term ‘graphic novel’, it struck me as a bewildering phenomenon. They seem similar to comics but are much different. And you really need to grab one and read it to know what I mean by that.

As I read one after the other graphic novel, my interest heightened and I eventually found myself reading them more often than I read verbal novels.

So, here is what makes them different from comic books and the best ones that you should be reading by now.

Tell us about your favourite graphic novel in the comments section below!

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Sources: Thrillist, Read Comic Online, The Book Smugglers

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  1. Since they use sequential art to illustrate a plot, graphic novels are identical to comic books. Graphic novels, unlike comic books, are typically standalone storylines with more nuanced plots. Graphic novels are collections of short stories that have traditionally been published as separate comic books.


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